ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat


Two bodies report to the school's management : the School Council, which is consulted on the positioning of the school, the general orientation of teaching, organization and operation, student recruitment procedures, relations with companies, and strategic alliances and partnerships; and the Teaching and Research Committee, which deals with the organization of teaching, studies and research, the teaching program, and the procedures for the awarding of degrees, and which sits as a jury or disciplinary board. In addition, the Board of Directors of GENES, which is the legal entity of the school, deliberates on financial decisions, the general organization of the school, as well as on all subjects involving legal decisions, such as the definition of tuition fees or changes in the terms of competitive examinations. Each of these bodies is composed of qualified personalities, staff and student representatives, and ex officio members representing the school's management, the supervisory authority (INSEE) and GENES. Finally, the GENES Scientific Council is consulted on the scientific orientations of ENSAE and CREST.

Focus on the School Council of ENSAE Paris

The School Council is chaired by Arnaud LAROCHE (Artificial Intelligence Leader for the EMEIA zone, EY). He is assisted by

  • Ex-officio members: the Secretary General of INSEE or his representative, the Director of ENSAE Paris and the Director of ENSAI. 
  • Elected members: three elected representatives of the ENSAE Paris staff (one representative of the administrative staff and two representatives of the teaching staff), three elected representatives of the students and one representative of the ENSAE Alumni.
  • Ten members appointed for three years and elected for their expertise. The choice of these high-level personalities for the new School Council reflects a balance between private companies, public organizations and academic expertise, in order to allow for a fruitful dialogue within the body on the major issues facing the school. The school has also ensured that parity is strictly respected among these appointees.

Maya Atig worked at the General Directorate of the Treasury until 2016 before becoming Deputy General Manager of the National Federation of Crédit Agricole until 2020 when she joined the French Banking Federation as General Manager.

Mohamed BACCOUCHE worked for AXA for 20 years, until he was appointed Group Chief Actuary between 2015 and 2020, before joining Athora, a provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions in the European market.

A statistician, Cristina Butucea has been appointed as a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Fellow in 2019. She has co-organized the CREST-CMAP Statistics seminar, numerous conferences on statistics and machine learning (Fréjus 2018, Luminy 2019, 2020, Oberwolfach 2021) but also several international conferences. 

An economist specializing in competition and health issues, Philippe Choné was a former rapporteur and chief economist of the French Competition Authority before joining ENSAE-CREST as a teacher-researcher and member of the Authority. He is also a Research Fellow of the "Industrial Organization" group at CEPR.

Entrepreneur and investor, Matthieu Courtecuisse started his career at the World Bank for digital investments, before founding Sia Partners, a strategy and artificial intelligence consulting firm, in 1999. Since 2018, he has chaired the professional organization Syntec Conseil.

Laure Debos joined ZenithOptimedia in 2007 and nine years later became a member of the Comex of ZenithOptimedia, which later became Publicis Médias. She then became Managing Director in charge of the Data, Techno, Analytics and Insights expertise center. Today, Laure Debos is co-executive VP of Epsilon France, the data marketing entity of the Publicis group.

Isabelle Hébert began her career in 1999 in the United States and then in the Middle East within health insurance groups. She worked for the Malakoff-Médéric Group, the MGEN Group and the Vyv Group, before joining AG2R LA MONDIALE in 2020. Isabelle Hébert is also President of the Parité Assurance association and a member of the ÆGIDE Supervisory Board.

Arnaud Laroche began his career in 1994 at ENSAE-CREST, before later embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure by founding Bluestone Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in data science. In the context of the acquisition of Bluestone by EY, Arnaud Laroche joined EY in 2015 and has since been in charge of the Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence activities for the European zone.

Dominique Rossin began his career at the LIAFA (joint research unit CNRS, University Paris-Diderot), then joined the Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'X. In 2012, he was appointed as a digital project manager for the Île-de-France regional delegation for research and technology. In 2015, he was appointed Deputy Provost at X. He was nominated Provost of X in may 2022. 

Magda Tomasini joined INSEE in 2008 as head of the household income and wealth division. In 2011, she became deputy director of the Solidarity Observation Division of the Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics Directorate (Drees). Five years later, she was appointed Director of the National Institute of Demographic Studies. In the Council of Ministers meeting of July 13, 2023, Magda Tomasini was appointed Director of Depp (Direction de l'évaluation, de prospective et de la performance) for MENJ and MESR, effective July 15, 2023.