ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

An outstanding faculty

ENSAE Paris courses are taught by ENSAE Paris professors, whose research activities are carried out within CREST, research professors from partner universities and schools, and high-level professionals from the business world or public organizations.
An outstanding faculty

The diversity of profiles teaching at ENSAE Paris is an important element in the training of an engineering school, where academic courses are complemented by applied courses (courses and projects) directly related to the problems of companies and public organizations.

The School's professors play a central role in the training:

  • They provide most of the fundamental courses that form the backbone of ENSAE's training in its core disciplines.
  • They ensure the coherence and quality of the sequence of courses in their discipline throughout the curriculum, as well as the coherence and quality of the courses within each specialization, in a thematic and professional logic; they ensure that the courses follow the evolution of research in their field.

The School's Director of Studies supports them in their missions:

  • As the conductor of the teaching program, the Director of Studies, in conjunction with all the professors, ensures the overall coherence of the engineering program, which is essentially multidisciplinary, and the balance of skills acquired by students, in accordance with the School's educational project.
  • In each discipline (mathematics, statistics, econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and insurance, sociology, computer science), a teaching coordinator (a doctoral student at the end of his or her dissertation or a young doctor) supports the professors in the organization of courses and projects, and with the Director of Studies and his or her deputy, in the pedagogical support of the students ; the teaching coordinators also provide, with the doctoral students who are monitors of ENSAE-CREST and temporary teachers, the supervised work in small groups.

The professors of ENSAE Paris

The School's academic recognition is based on the influence of its research center, CREST, a joint research unit that brings together researchers in quantitative social sciences and applied mathematics from the CNRS, ENSAE Paris, and the economics department of the École polytechnique. This interdisciplinary center dedicated to quantitative methods applied to the social sciences is composed of four divisions: Statistics ; Economics ; Finance-Insurance ; and Sociology.

Recognized in their fields, ENSAE Paris' faculty members are recruited according to the best international standards. They publish their research and serve on the editorial boards of the most demanding international academic journals in economics, statistics, machine learning, finance and quantitative sociology. The laboratories are housed in the School's building, facilitating exchanges between students and their professors.

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