ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

Ingénieur ENSAE program

The ENSAE Paris engineering program is a multidisciplinary curriculum combining a high-level foundation of skills in applied mathematics, economics, computer science, statistics, econometrics, and machine learning, and a progressive specialization in three years leading to one of six specialization tracks. The ENSAE engineer is both an expert and a generalist in data, capable of collecting, processing, modeling and interpreting it for decision-making purposes.
Ingénieur ENSAE program


Schooling lasts three years and each year is organized into semesters. See this page to learn more about admissions.

First year (1A): Reinforcement and harmonization of knowledge

The first year at ENSAE Paris aims to harmonize the knowledge of students from different admission streams and to introduce the school's core subjects: microeconomics and macroeconomics, probability and statistics, and computer science. Each student, regardless of the competitive entrance exam from which he or she came, can then choose from among all the specialization tracks at ENSAE Paris.

The year concludes with an internship of at least four weeks in a company, public agency or humanitarian organization.

Second year (2A): Acquisition of fundamental skills and individualization of paths

This is the key year of the curriculum. The scientific core is made up of fundamental courses in statistics, econometrics, machine learning, microeconomics and macroeconomics, which form the basis of the training of an economic statistician. The second year is also the year in which the students mature their academic and professional project by confronting the different courses of deepening and opening which are proposed to them.

The year concludes with an internship lasting 10 to 16 weeks. This internship is at the heart of the training cycle: it allows students to apply their key scientific skills in a company or research laboratory, while at the same time allowing them to clarify their career plans.

Students who wish to do so may do a "long" internship between the second and third years, to discover different professional worlds before choosing a specialization in the third year.

Third year (3A): Deepening and professional specialization

The third year is the year of specialization. Students choose one of the following tracks:

There is no admission quota for these specialization tracks, which are freely chosen by the students (taking into account the prerequisites).

This year of specialization combines theoretical courses, seminars and projects, taught by researchers or practitioners. Students can also take one of the ENSAE Paris partner research masters programs in parallel with their third year.

The program ends with a 14 to 26 week internship in a company, a public organization or a research laboratory. This internship, which can be started as a sandwich course during the year, can be carried out within the framework of a fixed-term or permanent contract and often leads to a first job.