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The practice of sports is strongly encouraged by ENSAE Paris and is evaluated in the 1st and 2nd years.

Sports in the engineering curriculum

The timetable reserves two half-days per week for sports: Monday afternoons are devoted to training and Thursday afternoons to the university competitions of the French University Sports Federation (FFSU).

Download the provisional schedule for 2023-2024 (in French)

ENSAE Paris offers the following courses thanks to the supervision of graduate students.

Sample session

  • Warm-up.
  • Presentation of the session.
  • Collective warm-up.
  • Athletic range.
  • Differentiation of the body of the session: endurance / sprint.
  • Stretching and muscle strengthening.


  • Learning the fundamentals of running.
  • Development of energy quality specific to endurance or sprinting.
  • Education in body mobility and efficiency.

A new sports activity offered this year, rowing is a sport of balance, glide, and speed in slender long boats. Rowing tones and strengthens the musculature in a harmonious way, improves abdominal core strength. These benefits contribute to improving daily posture. The class will take place on the Polytechnique lake. This activity will be shared with ENSTA and will be coached by an experienced instructor.

Individual work in opposition by theme and in doubles. Possibility of entering university competitions according to one's level by team.

Men's, women's or mixed teams.


  • To be able to place oneself in opposition in one-on-one by developing bunting and clearing techniques to win the rally.
  • To master a strategy to build the point from a placed serve.

Work in two groups: women and men. The groups train on the same schedule in two nearby gyms. The two coaches sometimes organize friendly matches between the groups.

A team can enter a competition if several students are motivated.


  • Work mainly focused on Running, counter-attacking.
  • Technique: fundamentals of shooting and 1-on-1 as a whole (jumping, passing, triple threat, dribbling).
  • Knowing how to play together: use of space and screens on the carrier.
  • Team spirit

Typical session

  • Warm-up: muscular awakening, relaxation, muscular strengthening.
  • Technical exercises: beats, turns, etc.
  • Choreography: learning a choreography over several sessions.
  • Cool down: stretching, relaxation.


  • To be able to work in rhythm to the music and be synchronized with the rest of the group.
  • Memory, coordination and aesthetics of movement are important points in this discipline.

The dance style, modern, can evolve towards a more contemporary style or modern jazz according to the desires or needs of the group.

Typical session

  • Generic and specific warm-up.
  • Specific exercises on an aspect/gear/rope handling, etc.
  • Project work

Objectives of the semester

  • To bring beginners to autonomy (climbing safely in the lead).
  • Accompany students in their progression.
  • To have students formulate objectives and explore the technical, tactical, physical and mental qualities required.

Typical session

  • Warm-up.
  • Specific work on the movements (fundamentals).
  • Technical work in a weapon.
  • Assault work.


  • To familiarize students with fencing with two weapons (epee and saber).
  • To bring them to master the rules and technique in each weapon.
  • To make them more autonomous in terms of self-control (speed, precision, timing, etc.).
  • To improve technical and tactical qualities in order to accept the duel (assault).
  • To maintain and improve physical condition by using good coordination, observation, balance and timing.

During the year, students will practice two weapons: the sword and the saber.

A new sports activity offered this year, fitness is a low-impact sport aimed at strengthening the entire body with reduced physical stress. Cardiovascular exercise holds a central role, enabling heart strengthening and improved blood circulation.

This activity will be shared with ENSTA and will be led by an experienced and dynamic instructor. The practice engages a significant portion of the body's muscles, especially those in the legs and arms.

Collective sport that has been giving rise to competitions for several years now.

Typical session

  • Warm-up
  • Implementation of exercises to develop individual and collective skills (defensive, offensive, energy, muscle, game)
  • Return to calm
  • Themes addressed throughout the year

To highlight the problems posed by the collective game

  • Passing and receiving the ball; occupying space
  • Move the ball forward collectively and towards the goal
  • Move the ball individually: dribble
  • Cooperate to shoot at the goal
  • Oppose the opponent: mark him/her, stand out
  • Oppose the progress of the ball : intercept
  • React to role changes: attackers/defenders
  • Develops and implements attack and defence strategies
  • To play handball while respecting the rules
  • Tournament

Discipline practiced jointly with the students of ENSTA Paris.

The group is composed of students who already have a good level of practice.

Swimming is practiced in the École Polytechnique swimming pools. ENSAE Paris has two pools at its disposal for one-hour sessions, in the presence of two educators. This format allows students to have a familiarization practice or a competition practice.

As far as equipment is concerned, swimmers must bring a bathing suit, a bathing cap, a pair of goggles and a pair of fins.

Discipline practiced jointly with the students of ENSTA Paris.
The group is composed of students who already have a good level of practice.

New sports activity offered this year, tennis is a technical and endurance-based sport. This activity is open to everyone, from experts to beginners. It is coached by an experienced and dynamic instructor.

Typical session

  • Physical warm-up
  • Technical training (service, forehand and backhand, spin control)
  • Sequences of matches


  • Learn to play table tennis in motion.
  • To discover or improve the different technical shots.
  • Understand and master spin

This sport is not guaranteed to be offered in 2021.


Grass ultimate field, mixed group.


  • Discovery of the activity
  • Learning the basics of the activity, throws, rules, strategies, etc.
  • To insist on the importance of fair play for the practice of a self-refereed activity in the respect of the others and where the state of mind prevails.
  • To advance a disc to score in the opponent's zone.
  • No contact between players.
  • Notion of fair play in a self-refereed sport.
  • To help students progress technically at the individual level and collectively in the organization and management of strategy in ultimate.

Two groups: female and male.

Typical session

  • Training and improvement with the aim of getting involved in an opposition by looking for specialization on a position.


  • To help players progress technically and tactically as well as physically (acquisition of new motor skills, improvement of speed of execution and balance in general).
  • Possibility to get involved in a university competition dynamic according to one's level.
  • Find one's place in a team by specializing in one position to develop an effective offensive strategy.
  • Mastering a regular service, a placement in relation to the team's game plan.
  • Be able to develop the main movements in all phases of the game, offensive and defensive.

The inclusion of sports in the school curriculum is based on attendance and active participation in sports sessions organized by the school and directed by an instructor; participation in competitions is valued. All students practicing a sport will have to provide a medical certificate of fitness for sport dated less than 3 months.

For any question related to compulsory sports in the engineering curriculum, you can contact sport@ensae.fr.

The ENSAE Paris Sports Office (student association) also offers sports events throughout the year.

Sports events 

Throughout the year, students participate in various sports events organized by the other grandes écoles:

  • Centrale Lyon Challenge
  • X Cup - ParisTech Tournament
  • TOSS (Supélec Omnisport Tournament)
  • Raid Centrale Supelec
  • TiTAn

Sports outside the engineering curriculum

Other possibilities are offered through the ENSAE Paris Sports Office (BDS) and the École Polytechnique Sports Club (CSX).
All those practicing a competitive sport activity must be licensed with the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) and the medical certificate must mention participation in competitions. The affiliation will be done within the School.

Download the medical certificate