ENSAE Paris - École d’ingénieurs pour l’économie, la data science, la finance et l’actuariat


ENSAE Paris' mission is to provide professional skills at the highest scientific level and in line with the expectations of the economy. It is therefore attentive to the needs of both private and public employers.

The School has set up a wide variety of ways of collaborating with companies, which combine four objectives

  • to integrate the contribution of high-level professionals into the teaching (courses and projects) in order to integrate the professional issues of each field and to prepare the students for them;
  • to allow recruiters to meet our students, primarily those in the engineering and specialized master's programs, in order to allow them to make their professions known and to recruit their future talents;
  • to make the skills of ENSAE graduates known to potential recruiters in increasingly varied sectors;
  • financially support the school in the development of its training project. 

Our corporate relations department is at your disposal to discuss all the actions concerned. 

In addition to the actions related to the initial training of engineers, other services and collaboration modalities are offered to companies through the action of other GENES entities :

  • Continuing education (ENSAE-ENSAI continuing education)
  • Data science" oriented consulting
  • Foundation

Developing your employer brand

Companies are essential partners in the ENSAE Paris ecosystem. The School puts students, alumni and corporate partners in touch with each other on various occasions such as the Tuesday job fairs, company visits, the promotion of corporate career events in our newsletter, the highlighting of offers on the career center, etc. In order to further strengthen the links with students and enhance the employer brand, it is also possible to sponsor a class. 

Post your internship and work-study offers on our Career Center

ENSAE students, whether they are engineering students or advanced master's students, are required to complete a professional experience in the form of an internship or a fixed-term contract each year of their curriculum. Third-year engineering students have the opportunity to complete this last part of their curriculum in the form of a professionalization contract. Each internship, at each stage of the curriculum, has its own duration, schedule and expectations.

Contribute to the teaching

ENSAE's course curriculum includes courses taught by high-level professionals who are experts in the methodologies and business issues of their sector. Project-based teaching is another very important aspect of skill acquisition, and is in full development at ENSAE :

  • professional seminars (2nd and 3rd year)
  • applied statistics project (2nd year)
  • Finance and insurance project (3rd year)
  • Business data challenge (3rd year)
  • Solidarity Hackathon (all years)

Benefit from the expertise of our faculty and engineers from our consulting subsidiary DataStorm

Faced with a growing demand for expertise in the fields of statistics, economics, data science and artificial intelligence, DataStorm, the consulting and development subsidiary of GENES, offers the agility of a research consultancy while relying on the expertise of CREST researchers and the associated laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Support ENSAE Paris through the apprenticeship tax

Paying your apprenticeship tax to ENSAE Paris means supporting educational innovation and the professionalization of our students.

Working with the ENSAE-ENSAI Foundation

The ENSAE-ENSAI Foundation is a public utility foundation under the aegis of the École Polytechnique Foundation. Thanks to donations made by individuals or companies, it will be responsible for supporting projects carried out by the students of these schools, awarding prizes or scholarships and working towards the development of a quality student life.


Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) was officially founded on May 31, 2019, in response to the ambition expressed by the President of the Republic to create a higher education and research cluster consisting of "an alliance of the Grandes Écoles already or soon to be located on the Saclay plateau, including the École polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis, delivering all levels of degrees, deeply integrating its curricula, pooling its strengths and equipment, and which will have to find original ways to evolve towards an MIT, a Caltech or a French EPFL".
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Pay the apprenticeship tax

The apprenticeship tax is a tax paid by companies to contribute to the financing of initial training. Through this essential resource for the school, our "apprenticeship tax" partners support the professionalization and professional integration of our students.
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Employer branding partnership

Thanks to its knowledge of the students, whom it accompanies throughout their training in the preparation of their professional project, the corporate relations and internship department assists you with all your recruitment problems, from legal advice to administrative procedures, as well as in the development of a tailor-made action plan to meet the right talents.
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Offer an internship, a work-study program or a job

ENSAE Paris is the leading engineering school for data science, economics, finance and actuarial science. It trains data scientists and economists capable of giving meaning and value to data, a key skill to help decision-making.
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Collaborate with ENSAE Paris

ENSAE Paris offers high-level scientific training in line with the needs of companies and public organizations. The teaching is provided jointly by our teacher-researchers and high-level professionals. Projects, in which students apply their knowledge to concrete business problems, are a key element of the training of ENSAE engineers.
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Become a partner of ENSAE Paris

ENSAE Paris forges structuring partnerships with companies. It carries out actions to improve the visibility of these companies among students and to encourage the emergence of joint teaching and research projects.
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Doing an internship abroad

Throughout their training, students have the opportunity to do internships abroad, in companies or laboratories, in public or private institutions of international reputation and scope.
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DataStorm, innovation through data

To meet the growing demand for expertise in the field of statistics, economics, data science and artificial intelligence, the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics (GENES) created in 2013 a private company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group: DataStorm. DataStorm relies on a team of data scientist consultants who support the expertise of ENSAE Paris and ENSAI professors and researchers.
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Interdisciplinary Centers (IP Paris)

The Interdisciplinary Centers of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris combine the expertise of our researchers and our partners to address major societal problems through the complementary points of view and methodologies of each discipline. By crossing their views, their know-how and their methods in a spirit of openness, researchers bring original and innovative solutions to the major challenges of our century.
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