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Executive education

"ENSAE-ENSAI Formation Continue" is the continuing education entity of the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics, of which ENSAE is a member. It provides demanding training with innovative scientific content. Its trainers are recognized experts in their field.
Executive education

Thanks to its close links with the two major schools of the group, CASD, DATASTORM and the world of research, ENSAE-ENSAI Formation Continue creates a strong synergy between continuing education, initial training and the experience of practitioners. These are essential assets that allow us to offer professionals quality training in statistics, data science, quantitative finance, actuarial science, quantitative marketing, communication techniques and economics.


  • Over 60 years of experience
  • 100 expert trainers
  • 21,000 trainee hours per year
  • 30% of activity dedicated to certification courses

https://www.lecepe.fr/ - conseil@lecepe.fr

ENSAE-ENSAI Formation Continue receives students from companies, public and semi-public organizations, and the administration. In addition to the more than one hundred inter-company training courses presented in its catalog, the ENSAE-ENSAI Formation Continue pedagogical team can also build a flexible and efficient training program on request. Designed to adapt to the needs of each individual, customized training allows for optimal use of time and a better return on the investment made in training.

ENSAE-ENSAI Continuing Education also offers a range of long courses leading to certification. The certificates are training programs lasting from 14 to 60 days spread over several months. They allow participants to acquire new professional skills to better understand the challenges of their profession and to evolve in their company or institution: