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Student Entrepreneur

ENSAE Paris is associated with the PEIPS program, a network of young entrepreneurs in the Paris-Saclay region. Student entrepreneurs can also benefit from events and competitions organized by the technological and innovative environment of IP Paris.
Student Entrepreneur

The student-entrepreneur status, with Pépite France

Students at ENSAE Paris have the opportunity to follow a student-entrepreneur path during their studies, or even after graduation, as part of the PEIPS program, a network of young entrepreneurs in the Paris-Saclay region. 

Each student-entrepreneur is selected after presenting his or her project and has the opportunity to attend various workshops dedicated to the tools of entrepreneurship (marketing/communication, business plan, etc.). Numerous events are organized throughout the program via the PEIPS and associated socio-economic actors (student entrepreneurship day, pitch competition, etc.).

Innovation and entrepreneurship at IP Paris

In a changing world, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris encourages entrepreneurship among its students, researchers and graduates, whose impact will help to meet major economic, societal and environmental challenges.

In addition, the Institut Polytechnique Paris is a partner in the innovation business park supported by the Etablissement public d'aménagement (EPA) Paris-Saclay, which will be built to the east of the Saclay plateau.