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Student associations

Over the years, ENSAE Paris students have founded and managed some twenty student associations in a wide variety of sectors. Whether professional, artistic, sports or festive, they offer each student the opportunity to get involved in one or more stimulating activities outside of class, encouraging encounters, a sense of responsibility and a spirit of initiative.
Student associations

Discover below an overview of some of ENSAE Paris' key student associations. To help you better understand the student life offered by the School and the campus, please consult the alpha brochure!

Student associations' bureaus

Où est Sharklie?, the Students' Office (BDE)

As the central association of the associative life of ENSAE Paris, the Bureau des Elèves (BDE) is in charge of animating the life of the School on campus.

And because calling itself a BDE has become too mainstream, ENSAE has its ultimate equivalent.

Its members are in charge of making sure that the schooling of each student of ENSAE Paris remains an unforgettable experience. It is therefore the Tribe that organizes :

  • Student parties, including inter-school parties in Paris and on campus
  • The Integration Weekend, better known as "WEI": This mythical moment in the year aims to bring the new students to get to know their classmates in a more than friendly environment
  • The Cultural Weekend: At the beginning of November, autumn has set in. Integration seems far away, no midterms on the horizon, it's the perfect time to discover a European city! Every year, the BDE organizes a trip of a few days mixing culture and outings. Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Rome or Barcelona? In any case, a golden opportunity to recharge your batteries.
  • Ski week: One resort, three classes together, and off we go for a busy week! Because the ski week at ENSAE is the perfect harmony between fields days, soft madness, raclettes between apartments and endless parties!
  • Finally, every year, from the end of January to the beginning of February, the now unavoidable campaign to win back the coveted Tribe begins. Three historic weeks, including one in the ski resort, during which the lists of candidates compete without mercy.

But the role of the BDE goes beyond this festive framework. It also acts as a link between the students and the school management. Finally, the BDE is in contact with its counterparts in the neighborhood schools to animate the campus.

The Bureau des Sports (BDS) offers sports and activities all year round!

The program includes inter-school competitions, official events (Centrale Lyon challenge, X cup, TOSS, Raid, GOST, French student cups), and others that are a little less formal (sports nights, a sports weekend, friendly tournaments).

  • Coupe de l'X: from the beginning of the year, this tournament will unleash passions by bringing together 12 of the best Parisian schools for a fierce battle.
  • TOSS: the biggest student sports tournament in France! It brings together numerous engineering and business schools and universities from all over France.
  • Challenge Centrale Lyon: one of the biggest sports events for students of the grandes écoles.
  • GOST: on our Saclay campus, this is THE tournament organized by SupOptique. It aims to promote women's sports in the following disciplines: volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton.
  • Challenge du monde des grandes écoles: a sports tournament that includes a meeting with companies. It takes place at the end of the year and you will be able to show off your abilities and qualities, whether professional or sporting.

The Arts Bureau (BDA)

The Bureau Des Arts expresses the artistic and cultural sensibilities of ENSAE students.

In an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing, the BDA allows all students to get involved in serious and/or crazy projects, to be carried out alone or in groups, always creative and fun.

The BDA is a multi-faceted association that brings together several clubs: board game and video game enthusiasts will love to meet up at Gamesae evenings twice a month. In the music room or at jam sessions, music lovers will be like fish in water. Comedians will join the Scensae to put on various plays, often ambitious and always of high quality. The literary and philosophers will debate ardently in the Literature Club, while Cinensae will show films in front of which moviegoers will be able to stuff themselves (silently of course) with popcorn. Gourmets (no, we did not consider popcorn as a culinary paroxysm) will meet during the Gastronomy evenings to cook and taste together.

Finally, the BDA organizes and co-organizes specific events, which allow everyone to express their creativity, such as the BDA week, the workshops and the Lis Tes Ratures contest, or the inter-school festivals of the plateau (FUPS, PSGT).


International Students Bureau (BDI)

The International Students Bureau is the ENSAE association whose mission is to welcome international students. It leads a team of 26 members distributed in 5 different commissions: the Executive Board, the Cultural Commission, the Communication Commission, the Sponsoring Commission and the Sponsorship Commission.

It is the duty of the BDI to provide international students with a study environment equivalent to that of students who have completed their entire schooling in France, to introduce them to French culture, to accompany them in their various administrative and academic procedures and to organize meetings and events to facilitate their integration.
To build these projects, the BDI is structured in 5 commissions:

  • The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring, motivating and managing all tasks and projects under the responsibility of the association.
  • The Cultural Commission is responsible for the organization of cultural activities. Its main mission is to promote the socio-cultural development of ENSAE students.
  • The Communication Commission is in charge of promoting the events to the students of the school through discussion groups and posters. It is also in charge of making the association known through online sharing, via the BDI Facebook page and other social networks, of the different activities organized and carried out by the BDI throughout the year.
  • The Sponsorship Committee is in charge of finding contacts and conducting negotiations with schools, institutions, and external companies to allow the realization of the BDI's projects.
  • The Sponsorship Commission is in charge of facilitating the arrival, reception, installation and integration of international students at ENSAE.

Associations in connection with companies

EJE - ENSAE Junior Études

Junior-Enterprise of ENSAE, ENSAE Junior-Études is a non-profit student association, proposing to various external clients (such as large companies, but also start-ups) to put them in contact with ENSAE students, so that they can carry out missions for them, using the teachings which are given to them at ENSAE (data science, finance, actuarial science). EJE is one of the biggest associations of ENSAE, allowing our school to be seen by companies and other schools!

And what does joining EJE bring?

Becoming a member of EJE means becoming the intermediary between ENSAE Paris students and companies, getting in touch with clients and acquiring the reflexes of the professional world. And because the Juniors-Enterprise movement is also the largest student movement in France, you will be able to attend the famous National Congresses and benefit from training sessions, parties, forums and gala dinners in the company of other JEs from all over France!



The association organizes conferences within the school, expanding and exceeding the framework of its teaching. It aims to open a space for debate to students on new fields of thought.

More generally, the role of Agora ENSAE is to promote the debate of ideas on the Plateau de Saclay, with the support of similar student associations at the surrounding schools (Tribune de l'X, Club Réflexions de SupOptique, etc.).

Agora is primarily interested in economic or sociological issues, but also explores other subjects (politics, ecology, mathematics...). Our past guests include André Orléan, Yanis Varoufakis, Jacques Attali, Mounir Majhoubi, Jean-François Julliard, Paul Jorion, Hubert Védrine and Lionel Zinsou.

For its 2019 edition, the Agora has joined the initiative of the Great Day of Debates that it co-organized with HEC Débats and Symposium CentraleSupélec. Over the course of a day on the HEC campus, we welcomed prestigious guests to discuss the future of the European Union. We welcomed Baudouin Baudru, Martin Bohmert, Richard Balme, François Asselineau, Gilles le Gendre, Adina Revol, Bruno Colmant, Paul Jorion and Jacques Attali.

The Agora also provides training in public speaking. We offer students a free cycle of training in public speaking which ends with an eloquence contest open to all.



The ENSAE Forum organizes events to create opportunities for contact with the business world for all students.

First, the Trium Forum, one of the most important student-business forums in the Paris region, co-organized by the Forum associations of four schools: ENSAE Paris - MinesParisTech - Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - ENSTA Paris. This is a full day event during which 160 companies, including the top of the CAC40, major investment banks, the Big Four in consulting, actuarial specialists, web giants, start-ups, economists and many others, come to meet students.

The second event is the Journée des métiers. This is an annual event where the Forum invites former ENSAE Paris graduates to come back to the school to talk about their current job and their career path. During a whole day, buffets and round tables follow one another; outlets for the different courses of study at ENSAE Paris, career plans, salaries, work abroad: everything about their life after school!

Finally, every week the Forum organizes a cocktail-networking with a company that has come to meet ENSAE Paris students. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the jobs available in sectors that might interest ENSAE Paris students, to network and to get interviews for the internships of their dreams!

Some of the very many companies that came to present themselves during the 2017-2018 year: Allianz, Orange, Société Générale, PwC, EY, Deloitte, Mazars, Palantir Technologies...

The association also organizes visits to a few companies (for example, a visit to the trading room of a major partner bank).

Being a member of the Forum means taking part in the organization of major events, the benefits of which allow us to actively contribute to the life of the school.



The ENSAE Trium association organizes one of the biggest student-business forums in the Paris region.

Trium ENSAE works closely with the Trium associations of Mines, Ponts and ENSTA to organize the annual Trium Forum, which brings together more than 3,000 students and 200 companies of all profiles and sectors. This event is a real highlight of your professional career at the school and is the ideal opportunity to discuss your professional project and find an internship.


The club for entrepreneurship, innovation and hackathons!

5 facts to know about Statup

  • Exceptional partners: Capgemini Invent, EY, Ashoka!
  • One of the biggest student hackathons in France with no less than 6000 euros of prizes to share!
  • A growing network: StartInSaclay, Tech4good, ENSAE Alumni!
  • A startup nation-style office within the ENSAE!
  • The best dressed association of the Saclay plateau 😉

The Statup Hackathon

The event that has become a must of the year. These 24 hours of challenge and code open to all ENSAE are an opportunity to give everyone the taste of innovation, and hope to win one of the prizes at stake.

The word of the prez

"STATUP also aims to encourage ENSAEs to get started! This is done by inviting renowned entrepreneurs, holding workshops to discover entrepreneurship, but also by visiting incubators and startups.



ENSAE Finance & Investment (EFI)

After 2 years of prep school (or a few years of college), your dream - to become a structurer at La Défense or get a job on Wall Street - is about to come true. ENSAE is often described as a statistics or economics school, but it is also a superb finance school. In fact, multiple events throughout the year will prove to you that finance is not just about dividends.

Thanks to EF&I, leave Palaiseau to visit Parisian trade shows, travel to London and other countries, attend conferences and finally get excellent internships.

You'll have all the tips you need to complete your address book, increase your portfolio or choose the best offers!

Between two breaks at the K, visit the trading rooms, between two BDE parties, learn how to invest on the CAC and between two lectures, meet great personalities of finance!

Committed associations

ENSAE Solidaire

Being a financial shark is not your priority? In addition to giving meaning to data, you want to give meaning to your actions? ENSAE Solidaire sets up projects that allow you to get involved in a cause, in humanitarian work or simply to give a little of your time to those who need it.

After several years of inactivity, the association is gradually getting back on track since the end of 2019 and is already collecting projects and actions. From a simple cake sale to benefit the Telethon, through a collection of Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, to a humanitarian trip to Vietnam, all ideas are good to take! We also support the "cordées de la réussite" within the school, in particular with the Genius tutoring program aimed at students in rural areas, to give them a sense of ambition. Solidarity does not mean closing oneself off in one's school, so relaying communication and participating in the actions (such as blood donation) of other platinum solidarity associations is also one of our missions!


ALTEF (Effective Altruism ENSAE)

Altef brings together students from Ensae Paris who want to have the best impact on the world with their career.

Whether you major in economics, statistics, data science or finance, what you learn at Ensae Paris has the potential to be very useful to society. The goal of Altef is to learn how to use this potential: to pool thoughts and resources to have a positive impact on the world through one's career. Altef is part of effective altruism, an international movement that involves looking for the best ways to help others, and putting them into action.

Throughout the year, we will have the opportunity to reflect and debate on topics of interest in effective altruism such as global warming, extreme poverty, pandemic risks, animal welfare, ethical issues related to artificial intelligence... You will also have the opportunity to reflect on your career choices during interviews with other members of the association in order to find the path that will allow you to make the best impact!

GreenENSAE (formerly Le Potageay)

GreenEnsae is not an association of students dressed up as farmers who eat only cucurbit soups from evening to morning. You don't need to be a member of Europe Ecologie les Verts to join or support us. So the Potageay is waiting for you to build a greener and more sustainable Saclay!

The main goals of GreenENSAE are:

  • The development of green spaces around and in the school, and growing some small plantations to help us survive;
  • Maintaining the vegetable garden with biointensive farming techniques to raise awareness of future food production systems (did we mention permaculture?);
  • Promotion of sustainable development at the school level;
  • Collaboration with other schools on the Plateau de Saclay to carry out ecological projects.


The association promotes equal opportunity through tutoring in high schools.


Its objective is to develop students' ambition and increase their chances of pursuing high-level scientific studies.

Tremplin accompanies and advises them in their choice of orientation. Tremplin is present at ENSAE, as well as in neighboring schools on the plateau.



Fem'ENSAE is a feminist association that seeks above all to engage in a conversation about gender relations and equality between men and women. Times are changing, engineering schools are becoming more feminine. As an association, we seek to sensitize the actors of the school to what in their behavior could be sexist, to be a safe space for listening and discussion, to animate the feminist debate on the Saclay plateau with the other feminist student associations or with similar objectives of the surrounding schools.


Ordinary sexism, consent, masculinities, femininities, but also contraception, the spectrum of reflection is wide! That's why we carry out various actions: roundtables, interventions, webseries, podcasts, news... In November 2018, we also collected more than 1000€ as part of the Nuit des Relais, organized by the Women's Foundation, in favor of associations supporting women victims of violence.

Of course, the association is mixed and everyone is welcome! Building tomorrow's society is a collective undertaking, and everyone can participate, regardless of gender.



Associations open to the world

ENSAE Israël

The delights of Israel's culture and the many facets of its history fascinate you, or simply arouse your curiosity? Join ENSAE Israel, the association is open to all.

The association invites you directly to Israel to discover during an unforgettable tech-trip, all the facets of the Start-up Nation: company visits, meeting exceptional researchers and alumni who work at the heart of innovation.

Students for the Arab World ENSAE (EMA ENSAE)

The association aims to share the Arab culture within ENSAE. Our approach is that of a mutual contribution: we do not only make discover the Arab world, we also discover it with the others, it is a sharing.

The association is open to all, a platform for exchange and dialogue. Its purpose is to make known the culture of the Arab world in its richness and diversity, and this by the organization of various punctual events such as theme days, trips, evenings and conferences on current topics, or the publication of articles in various media.

Our primary audience is ENSAE students, professors and staff, who may be experts and connoisseurs of the Arab world, or curious people ready to discover the Orient. At the end of each event, we welcome ENSAEs with a green tea in one hand and a pastry in the other.

We are also part of a network, that of the Réseau des Etudiants pour le Monde Arabe of which we are members, and the less formal one that we are trying to develop on the Saclay plateau. This allows us to benefit from the advice and contacts of other student associations interested in the Arab world. But also to organize common events which are all the richer as they are born from interactivity.

Festive associations


The ENSAE Paris Gala Association is the association that organizes the prestigious evening of the year for the benefit of students, staff and ENSAE Paris Alumni!

But what is the Gala? An evening in two parts: first a cocktail party where you can talk with ENSAE Paris Alumni already in office and then a second more festive time with DJ sets.


At ENSAE, there is a Kf&t, which is for many a refuge from statistics and economics in favor of billiards, table soccer or simply a comfortable sofa.

This cozy place is home to the school's student bar, which offers hot drinks, snacks, cold beverages and a wide selection of beers from various backgrounds.

The Kf&t, or the K to its friends, is the place to go when you're in the midst of the hustle and bustle of school and are looking for a little escape with hoppy or caffeinated beverages, lively music and the good living of the eternally insubordinate team of waiters who liven up the Kf&t every night of the week.

And if the most devout among you go there every day, the unmissable event is the Thursday night Kf&t, the weekly party for all the students of the school.

Leisure associations

ENSAE Sailing

ENSAE Sailing aims to promote the practice of sailing among students within the school, by organizing weekends or weeks of sailing, as well as by participating in student regattas.

After 10 years of inactivity, we decided with several comrades to relaunch, in November 2018, a sailing association at ENSAE Paris. Our goal is to sail as much as possible and make as many students sail as possible. For that we have several projects, the organization of a light sailing weekend every year. The preparation and participation in student regattas such as the student sails of Le Havre, the EDHEC Race Cruise or the Spi Dauphine. The association celebrated its rebirth by participating in the Midships 2019 on May 11 and 12, 2019, which allowed five ENSAE students to sail on exceptional sailboats for a weekend.

Wine Club

Active since 2014, the ENSAE Paris Wine Club aims to introduce students to the world of wine in an educational and informal setting. It organizes events combining wine classes and tastings, led by guest speakers for the occasion within the premises of ENSAE.

KryptoSphere ENSAE

KryptoSphere is the very first student association in France specialized in the Blockchain and crypto-assets universe.

Initially created in 2017 at Kedge Business School Marseille, KryptoSphere is the very first student association in France, specialized in the world of Blockchain and crypto-assets.

Now present in two business schools (Rennes School of Business and Kedge Business School), and one engineering school (ENSAE Paris), the national role we wish to give to KryptoSphere is to gather relevant information in this field, in order to share it to the largest number of people through our different KryptoSphere associations developed in France (business/engineering schools and universities).

We propose two main offers :

  • A free offer for all individuals wishing to learn more about the Blockchain and crypto-assets sector.
  • A paid offer for professionals wishing to be trained and accompanied during this revolution of the classic Business Model. For more information, visit our website.



Tuxae is the computer science and machine learning association of ENSAE. It offers students the opportunity to discover the backstage of the computer science world!

Want to unlock the secrets of data? Tuxae is the right association for you. Young and full of ideas, Tuxae creates all kinds of projects around computing! From web-scraping to get the horoscope every day on Discord, to speed-dating data analysis, you'll find a project that will please you.