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DataStorm, innovation through data

To meet the growing demand for expertise in the field of statistics, economics, data science and artificial intelligence, the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics (GENES) created in 2013 a private company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group: DataStorm. DataStorm relies on a team of data scientist consultants who support the expertise of ENSAE Paris and ENSAI professors and researchers.
DataStorm, innovation through data

Providing intelligence based on data

The creation of DataStorm meets a triple objective:

  • To meet the needs of companies and public organizations by mobilizing the expertise of GENES and its partners at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.
  • To offer a high level of reactivity and a unique centralization point to the clients.
  • To allow an operational implementation of the numerous Research & Development works carried out within GENES and the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

DataSstorm offers the agility of a design office while relying on the expertise of CREST researchers and the associated laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

DataStorm has been granted the Research Tax Credit, 20% of its activity is dedicated to R&D.

Fields of expertise

DataStorm brings your R&D to the state of the art by mobilizing the expertise of researchers and laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

DataStorm helps you develop models and algorithms dedicated to your business, with direct operational leverage.

DataStorm builds the tools to deploy the algorithms within your information systems.


DataStorm's action and strategy are steered by a Board of Directors composed of 4 directors appointed by GENES.