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Forum Aster 2023: a success for the meeting between students and responsible companies

13 Dec. 2023
The second edition of the aster forum, which facilitates the meeting between students seeking internships and responsible companies, took place on Thursday, December 7, 2023. This forum brought together over 400 visitors in a single day at Télécom Paris, confirming the success of its concept.
Forum Aster 2023: a success for the meeting between students and responsible companies

The objective of the Forum Aster is to showcase companies that are conscious of their responsibilities both in societal aspects and in the field of ecological transition. To achieve this, companies wishing to participate in the forum must adhere to a rigorous charter in terms of societal and environmental responsibility.

This charter, crafted by the students of the association overseeing the forum, includes several criteria, such as:

  • A clear and ambitious sustainable development policy
  • Involvement in the fight against social inequalities
  • Respect for human rights and individual freedoms

In 2023, the Forum Aster brought together 50 participating companies, with a majority being SMEs and startups. Among them are companies committed to various sectors, including energy, environment, education, and health.

The forum was a success for both stakeholders. Students had the opportunity to connect with companies that share their values and offer internship opportunities aligned with their aspirations. Meanwhile, companies were able to recruit motivated and committed talents.

The ASTER forum aims to introduce students at IP Paris to companies committed to the energy transition, providing them with a unique meeting space that would not otherwise exist. This desire to find a socially responsible profession is increasingly prevalent among many IP Paris students, making the Forum Aster particularly relevant in this context.

Margaux Millaret, President of the Forum Aster, & Mathias Gilbert, Communications Manager of the Forum Aster

The success of the Forum Aster demonstrates that engineering students are increasingly sensitive to environmental and societal issues. This forum serves as an ideal platform for the meeting between these students and companies that share their values.