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Career Day 2024: Meeting with alumni to explore possible careers at ENSAE Paris

21 Feb. 2024
On Thursday, February 15, 2022, the Career Day organized by the Forum Ensae took place. This annual event allows students from the school to meet with alumni and gain a more precise idea of the possible career opportunities after their studies.
Career Day 2024: Meeting with alumni to explore possible careers at ENSAE Paris

The Forum ENSAE  organized a dedicated day to explore potential career paths after completing a program at ENSAE Paris. During this event, students had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with ENSAE alumni, exploring their journeys, experiences, and professional paths.

The day commenced with an inaugural conference led by Maya Atig, General Director of the French Banking Federation and former ENSAE Paris student (class of 1996). She shared her career evolution and vision of the banking sector in society. The welcome was ensured by Pierre Biscourp, School Director, Iokanaan Belfis-Simon, President of the ENSAE Forum, and Isabelle Tournassoud, President of ENSAE Alumni.

Five roundtable discussions gathered the participation of 25 alumni from diverse professional backgrounds and various seniority levels. These discussions were organized around different specialization paths.

Actuarial Roundtable:

  • Mohamed Baccoûche, PhD - Yakoota - CEO.
  • Raphaëlle Delarbre - Generali - Manager.
  • Michael Donio - Sia Partners - Director of Actuarial Department.
  • Mary-Cécile Duchon - Banque de France - Director of Insurance Control.
  • Khouloud Mandhouj - Albingia - Actuarial Director.
  • Bénédicte Molin - EY - Senior Manager in Actuarial.

Finance Roundtable:

  • Xavier Bocher - Crédit Agricole - Head of Group Internal Models Department.
  • Marion Calcine - Ardian - Senior Managing Director.
  • Marie-Ange Carrere - Société Générale - ESG Advisory Head of Global Banking Advisory.
  • Arnaud-Guilhem Lamy - BNP Paribas - Head of Euro Multi Strategy FI, Responsible for Sustainable Investments.
  • Emilie Rannou - Ekimetrics - Partner, Head of Financial Services.
  • Raoul Salomon - Barclays France - CEO.

Sociology Roundtable:

  • Benjamin Gilbert - Sciences Po and Université Paris-Cité - PhD Student in QuantitativeSociology.
  • Olivier Monso - DEPP - Expert on the analysis of school inequalities. 

Economics Roundtable:

  • Ketty Attal-Toubert - Insee - Head of the Department of Statistics and Studies on Foreign Trade.
  • Stéphane Dupraz - Banque de France - Research Economist.
  • Tristan Lécuyer - RBB Economics - Partner.
  • Arthur Souletie - Veltys - Partner, Director of Health and Energy Practice.
  • Xavier Timbeau - OFCE - Senior Director.

Data Roundtable:

  • Arnaud de Myttenaere - Apple - Senior Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Alice Fabre-Verdure - HeadMind Partners - Data Scientist.
  • Bruno Pernet - Consortia - Director of the Data Agency.
  • Viphone R. - L’Oréal - Head of Data Science.
  • Nicolas Salez - QuantCube Technology - Lead Data Scientist.


Special thanks to Jérôme Allier, Daniel Truskinovsky, Camille Legrée-Hagbarth, Camille Frouard, Carla Lucas, and Martin Conte for their brilliant facilitation during these exchange moments.

We also warmly acknowledge the students in the audience, whose insightful questions enriched these discussions.

A particular thank you is extended to the logistics team and the preparation of delightful breaks by Buffn'sae and Gourmensae.

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