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Ngoc-Tam LE (Alumni 2021), Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Grenoble-Alps.

Ngoc-Tam LE, graduate of the Engineering Program in the DSSA track - Class of 2021, joined ENSAE Paris after completing preparatory classes for prestigious universities (MP*) at Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Université Grenoble Alpes.
 Ngoc-Tam LE (Alumni 2021), Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Grenoble-Alps.

Why did you choose to join ENSAE Paris?

I joined ENSAE Paris after completing a preparatory class for prestigious schools (MP*) at Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris. I had a strong interest in mathematics and wanted to continue with advanced training in this field. However, my professional project was not clearly defined. ENSAE Paris offers a program in data science and applied mathematics that provides the flexibility I needed in terms of direction while preparing for the professional world. Additionally, the numerous opportunities for double degrees and parallel master's programs further strengthened my attraction to the institution.

In your opinion, what are the main strengths of ENSAE Paris?

ENSAE Paris offers a wide range of opportunities for double degrees and master's programs in partnership with other institutions. The proximity to teacher-researchers is also a major advantage for students interested in pursuing research. Furthermore, class sizes are not too large, and the diversity of profiles creates a good overall atmosphere.

How did the engineering curriculum at ENSAE Paris lead you to the world of research?

Strong contact with the world of research helped me find a doctoral opportunity. I believe that the quality and intensity of the scientific education I received contributed to my diligence during my thesis. While certain periods of project submissions and revisions may seem challenging, they contribute to building a lasting work discipline.

In my final year, I wanted to enhance my education with a master's degree in Mathematics, Vision, and Learning in collaboration with ENS Paris-Saclay. I chose this program to explore areas complementary to those taught at ENSAE Paris, thereby broadening my scientific knowledge.

Having pursued a double degree allowed me to have an opening to other disciplines, a valuable asset during my doctorate and for my continued research. This experience was particularly rewarding on a scientific level. The flexibility in choosing my courses allowed me to explore diverse subjects.

To which students would you recommend studying at ENSAE Paris?

In my opinion, ENSAE Paris will particularly appeal to those who love mathematics and are not afraid of theoretical courses. It is also ideal for staying connected to the business world and discovering concrete applications, especially for programs in data science or economics.

It is a school that offers exceptional quality of education and very interesting career path opportunities. I believe the main strength of the school lies in its specialization in themes such as statistics and machine learning, which are applicable to various sectors. ENSAE students thus have the opportunity to enter a multitude of fields, ensuring a considerable variety of career prospects.