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Studying for a Double Degree at ENSAE Paris and UFRJ: Antonio Sasaki's Experience

Antonio Sasaki is a third-year engineering student. He joined ENSAE Paris as part of an international double degree program with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Studying for a Double Degree at ENSAE Paris and UFRJ: Antonio Sasaki's Experience

Before coming to France, I studied mathematics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am an international double degree student, completing my engineering studies in France and my mathematics studies in Brazil.

I was about to finish my mathematics degree at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro when I decided to study engineering in France, primarily for the opportunity to obtain a solid master's degree. It seemed natural to choose ENSAE Paris, given that it is one of the most prestigious grandes écoles in the field of statistics, a subject that has always greatly interested me. Thus, I was selected to receive the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and I was able to start the engineering program with a specialization in data science, statistics, and learning.

The academic reputation of ENSAE Paris: a springboard to excellence

The academic reputation of ENSAE Paris is its main strength, particularly in fields such as data science, economics, and finance. The school offers unique opportunities, such as courses taught by renowned researchers in each discipline, as well as a dynamic student life and collaborations with leading companies on the Paris-Saclay campus. ENSAE Paris also stands out for its strong promotion of international mobility, allowing students to gain experiences abroad and obtain double degrees, enhancing their competitiveness in the global market.

Recommendations for future students

I would recommend the school to strong students with a keen interest in mathematics and seeking high-quality interdisciplinary training. Additionally, the prestige and reputation associated with earning a degree from ENSAE Paris open doors in academia, business, and international organizations. The school also benefits from a vast professional network and well-established alumni in various sectors (insurance, finance, actuarial science, banking, etc.), offering valuable internship and employment opportunities.

Practical tips for succeeding in the selection process at ENSAE Paris

In my case, the selection process was a bit different. There was a partnership between the Institute of Mathematics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and ENSAE Paris.

However, most internationally recruited students must pass a written and oral exam from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. To prepare for such an exam, it is essential to regularly practice solving problems of varying difficulty levels, understand fundamental concepts, and create a balanced study schedule. Additionally, it is crucial to stay calm and focused during the exam, manage time effectively, and carefully check answers.

Joining ENSAE Paris: the culmination of a personal and academic project

I remember having a photograph of the Pantheon in one of my primary school history books. My grandmother then explained the importance of science in French society to me. Much later, during my second year at ENSAE Paris, I had the opportunity to participate in an incredible project on applied statistics in sociology, based at the Collège de France.

I so wished my grandmother were still alive to see me in the Latin Quarter. I wished she could read our work. That she could see us using econometric methods to analyze the academic performance of French students. This experience, without a doubt, was very special to me.

Associative involvement at ENSAE Paris: enriching the student experience

I was a member of the ENSAE International Bureau (BDI) for a year and served as the communication manager. We played a crucial role in facilitating the transition and integration of international students into their new academic life. This bureau ensures students have access to necessary resources and assistance, offering guidance in the enrollment process. It also provides support for academic or personal challenges. Additionally, we organize cultural and recreational events to strengthen our bonds and friendships.