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Financing your mobility at ENSAE Paris

To finance their mobility to France, international students may be eligible for scholarships for excellence, scholarships based on social criteria or scholarships from their home institution or government. Students from our European partners are eligible for Erasmus+ scholarships from their home institutions and should contact their international relations department for information.
Financing your mobility at ENSAE Paris

International students are also invited to consult the catalog of grants set up by CampusFrance:


Eiffel scholarship (Campus France) 

The Eiffel Scholarship Program is a tool developed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students to master's and doctoral degree programs.

It is a highly selective scholarship for excellence and the competition is international. In December, the ENSAE management selects the students it will present to the Eiffel scholarship selections, from among the international students admitted for international double degrees or admitted on the basis of foreign qualifications. These are not the students who apply.

For 2019-20, 3 Eiffel scholarships have been awarded for ENSAE Paris: to a student from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a student from ENSAE Dakar (Senegal) and a student from Tian-jin University (China). For 2020-21, 6 students have been awarded an Eiffel scholarship, all from African statistical partner schools. For 2021-22, 9 students have obtained an Eiffel scholarship (including one student from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, one student from the University of Gabes - Tunisia, six students from CAPESA partner schools - ENSEA Abidjan, ISSEA Yaoundé, ENSAE Dakar, and one student from the partner school ENIT Tunisia).

Higher education grant on social criteria (ENSAE-GENES)

The ENSAE-GENES grant for higher education is awarded to international students who are unable to undertake or pursue higher education in France due to financial difficulties. It can be applied for at the student life center as soon as you obtain your admission certificate.

This grant is only available to students from institutions with which ENSAE Paris has signed double-diploma or collaboration agreements and only when these agreements explicitly provide for eligibility for the School's social aid system.

  • For example, in 2020-2021, the following institutions are concerned: ENSAE Dakar, ENSEA Abidjan and ISSEA Yaoundé, ENIT Tunis, ESSAI Tunis and INSEA Rabat.
  • The scholarship is paid in three installments, subject to attendance