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International admissions

Diversity of origin is a strong value of the School. Each year, ENSAE Paris selects and recruits outstanding students from all over the world who have a strong background in mathematics, quantitative economics or quantitative finance.
International admissions

International recruitment for the Engineer graduate program

International students (freemovers) are admitted to the ENSAE Paris engineer program either through the IP Paris international competitive examination or through the admission procedure based on qualifications (AST).

The IP Paris international competitive entrance exam is open to international students who have completed at least two years of higher education at the time of application: more information via this link. Selected candidates can be admitted in the 1st or the 2nd year of the engineer program based on the number of years of higher education and the academic background of the candidate.

The admission on title (AST) is open to holders of a Bachelor's degree, or a first year Master's degree in economics or econometrics, in mathematics or mathematics applied to social sciences, in science and technology... Depending on the level and the scientific coverage of this degree, you may be offered admission in the 1st or the 2nd year of the program. Only candidates who can demonstrate a very good level in mathematics or applied mathematics have a real chance of admission to ENSAE Paris.

In addition to the multidisciplinary training of excellence that constitutes the engineer program, ENSAE Paris also offers the possibility to combine the 3rd year of the program with more academic and disciplinary training, oriented towards research and the preparation of a PhD through Masters and PhD tracks offered jointly with partner schools within the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris).

Language of tuition:

While the majority of the courses of the 2nd year can be followed either in English or in French, the courses of the 1st year are taught in French which is the official language of tuition. Therefore a minimum level of French (B2) is required upon admission. Courses of the 3rd year are mainly taught in English. 

More information:

Advanced Masters 

International students are admitted to one of ENSAE Paris' Specialized Master's programs via the traditional application procedure. The Specialized Master's program can be taken directly after initial training or after a period spent in a company.

Prerequisites: students must have an M2 degree or a diploma from a Grande Ecole and have a sufficient level of knowledge to be able to tackle the disciplines taught in the 3rd year at ENSAE Paris (economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, etc.). Although a certain number of courses are taught in English, many are taught in French and it is therefore necessary to understand and speak French to be admitted.