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Read more - Adil Chaudhry (class of 2019): A path to actuarial science thanks to a double degree from HEC & ENSAE

Adil Chaudhry, a member of the class of 2019, looks back on his dual HEC & ENSAE iploma, in his interview by Marion Perroud for the January 2024 Challenges magazine Grandes Écoles section.
Read more - Adil Chaudhry (class of 2019): A path to actuarial science thanks to a double degree from HEC & ENSAE

For the past 42 years, Challenges magazine has reported on business news and taken an interest in the grandes écoles that train professionals for the financial and insurance worlds. The magazine regularly publishes testimonials from inspiring alumni to help future generations make the right academic choices.

In the January 2024 issue of Challenges magazine, Marion Perroud interviewed Adil Chaudhry, an alumnus of the class of 2019, for the Grandes Écoles section. Adil Chaudry, who came from a preparatory ECS course at the Lycée Albert Schweitzer in Le Raincy (93), had the dream of entering HEC. However, his attraction for challenges and his passion for mathematics led him to opt for a double degree at HEC and ENSAE. This decision enabled him to complete his business school curriculum with an engineering degree and specialize in actuarial science.

Adil Chaudhry also had the opportunity to undertake several internships with companies such as + Simple, SwissLife and Balance Re in London. By joining the engineering school, he was able to complete his final year of work-study at AXA, making up for the absence of work-study programs in the HEC curriculum. Thanks to this experience, he was recruited by AXA and subsequently moved to Alan as Insurance Products, where he is responsible for underwriting, pricing, new product creation and strategy.

The HEC and ENSAE. double degree enabled Adil Chaudhry to explore new opportunities and immerse himself in an educational culture different from that of HEC. His journey illustrates the importance of strong links between the school and its corporate partners. He also shares advice on choosing a school.