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Oscar Zaidan: Combining Studies and Ecological Engagement at ENSAE Paris

first-year student in the engineering program (2024), was admitted to ENSAE Paris through the Mines-Ponts joint entrance exam. He comes from an MPI preparatory class at Lycée Champollion in Grenoble.
Oscar Zaidan: Combining Studies and Ecological Engagement at ENSAE Paris

Why did you decide to join ENSAE Paris?

I chose ENSAE Paris because I wanted to explore fields beyond the hard sciences while continuing to cultivate my passion for mathematics and computer science. Data science was also a field that greatly appealed to me.

What stood out to you the most during your first year at ENSAE Paris?

Interacting with students from diverse backgrounds was very enriching for me. Being on the IP Paris campus also allows us to interact with students from other schools, which I find very rewarding. And of course, Greensae's chicken coop brings a unique atmosphere to the school.

What advice would you give to candidates interested in ENSAE Paris?

I highly recommend ENSAE Paris to students who are looking to explore fields beyond pure sciences while maintaining an interest in mathematics, economics, data science, or finance. It is also essential to thoroughly research the school, as it remains relatively unknown, to determine if its specializations align with their interests. Regarding exams, I advise focusing on studying all subjects well, and I can't help but mention the excellent advice magazine from ENSAE that will be published next year.

Outside of studies, what are the highlights you experienced at ENSAE Paris?

The cultural weekend in Milan was a fantastic experience, offering the opportunity to travel at a low cost and without having to worry about organization. The sports weekend was also very enjoyable, especially for discovering new sports like downhill mountain biking. And of course, the ski week was also great. It was an intense week, but it was all fun.

Finally, could you tell us about your commitments within the school?

I am the president of Greensae, which is a great experience. We like to define ourselves as the school's ecological association. This year, we were able to realize our projects while learning to work as a team in a different context from studies. For the first time, we had the opportunity to participate in the Talent For The Planet fair, and we also launched sales of local and seasonal products through a partnership with a nearby farm.

As Vice-President of Forum Aster, I find that one of the great advantages of IP Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) is the mix of schools. This association has allowed me to meet students from other schools while leading actions that are close to my heart. It's a great opportunity to discover synergies between our schools and our respective associations, reminding us that our commitment extends far beyond the academic framework to collectively contribute to positive change.