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With more than 8,000 alumni around the world, ENSAE Paris can rely on a solid network of alumni, led by the ENSAE Alumni Association.

Some emblematic careers of ENSAE Alumni

ENSAE's training opens the door to a wide variety of careers in the corporate world, particularly in financial institutions, in government or more broadly in public decision-making, and in the academic world.

  • Jérôme ADDA (1992), Professor of Economics, Bocconi University
  • Michel AGLIETTA (1964), Economist
  • Yacine AIT-SAHALIA (1989), Professor of Finance, Princeton University
  • Alain BENSOUSSAN (1965), Former President of INRIA and CNES
  • Simon CAUCHEMEZ (2001), Epidemiologist, Institut Pasteur
  • Marco CUTURI (2001), Apple ML Research 
  • Alain DESROSIERES (1965), Statistician, sociologist and historian
  • Marc FLEURBAEY (1986), Professor of economics, Princeton University
  • Christian GOURIÉROUX (1972), Professor of Finance and Economics, University of Toronto
  • François GOURIO (2000), Senior economist and research advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Johann HOMBERT (2005), Professor of finance, HEC Paris
  • Jean-Jacques LAFFONT (1970), Economist, founder of the Toulouse Institute of Industrial Economics
  • Thomas LE BARBANCHON (2004), Professor of Economics, Bocconi University 
  • Edmond MALINVAUD (1948), Zconomist, honorary professor at the Collège de France
  • Arnaud MAUREL, Professor of economics, Duke University
  • Alain MONFORT (1968), Founder of CREST, professor of Finance and Econometrics, CNAM
  • Hélène REY (1994), Professor of Economics, London Business School
  • Patrick REY (1982), Professor of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Jean-Marc ROBIN (1984), Professor of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Judith ROUSSEAU (1994), Professor of Statistics, University of Oxford
  • Bernard SALANIÉ (1986), Professor of Economics, Columbia University
  • David SRAER (2007), Professor of finance, Berkeley University / Haas Business School
  • Stefanie STANTCHEVA (2009), Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • David THESMAR (1996), Professor of Finance, MIT
  • Nizar TOUZI (1990), Professor of Finance, École Polytechnique
  • Pierre-Olivier WEIL (1999), Professor of Economics, UCLA
  • Céline ALLARD (1996), Assistant Director, Mission Chief for Egypt, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund
  • Cédric AUDENIS (1999), Deputy General Commissioner, France Stratégie
  • Karine BERGER (1998), Secretary General of INSEE, former Member of Parliament
  • Isabelle BRAUN-LEMAIRE (1995), Director General of Customs and Excise
  • François BOURGUIGNON (1968), former Vice president of the World Bank
  • Paul CHAMPSAUR (1968), former Chairman of ARCEP, former Director General of INSEE
  • Jean-Michel CHARPIN (1973), former Director General of INSEE 
  • Reda CHERIF (2001), Senior economist at the International Monetary Fund
  • Benoît COEURÉ (1982), Chairman of the French Competition Authority and former member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank
  • Michèle DEBONNEUIL (1973), Economist, senior civil servant 
  • Bruno DURIEUX (1969), former Minister of Health
  • Jean-Marie GANKOU (1977), former Minister Delegate for the Economy and Finance of Cameroon
  • Michel HOUDEBINE (1995), Director of DARES, former Chief Economist at the Directorate general of the treasury 
  • Fabrice LENGLART (1994), Director of DREES
  • Roland LESCURE (1992), Member of parliament, Minister for industry
  • Selma MAHFOUZ (1993), General inspector of finance
  • Robert ROCHEFORT (1979), Member of the European Parliament, former Director of Credoc
  • Yaye Seynabou SAKHO (1998), Director of Strategy and Operations, World Bank
  • Christian SAUTER (1965), former Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
  • Harris SELOD (1999), Senior economist, World Bank 
  • Jean-Luc TAVERNIER (1985), Director General of INSEE
  • Claude THELOT (1970), Senior civil servant and sociologist 
  • Magda TOMASINI (1998), Director of INED
  • Jacqueline AGLIETTA (1965), Founder of Médiamétrie
  • Ara APRIKIAN (1990), Director of programs, group TF1
  • Maya ATIG (1996), General Manager of the French Banking Federation
  • Patrick ARTUS (1975), Chief Economist, Natixis
  • Guillaume AUTIER (2002), CEO of Meilleurtaux
  • Sahar BAGHERY (2005), Head of Business Development, Amazon Prime Video
  • Magali BEFFY (2002), Chief Technology Officer, Aqemia
  • Patrick BEHAR (1991), Chief Business Officer UK & Europe, Sky
  • Michèle BENBUNAN (1985), Managing Director, Editis
  • Philippe BRASSAC (1981), Managing Director of Crédit Agricole
  • Sophie BROCART (1995), Managing Director of Jean Patou-LVMH
  • Yannick CARRIOU (1996), Chairman and CEO of Médiamétrie
  • Eric CHANEY (1988), former Chief economist of the AXA Group
  • Laure DEBOS (2003), Managing Director of Publicis Media Data Sciences
  • Nicolas DENIAU (1999), Deputy financial director, CASINO group
  • Charlotte DENNERY (1990), CEO of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions
  • Renaud DUMORA (1991), Deputy Managing Director, BNP Paribas
  • François-Marc DURAND (1982), CEO, Lazard Frères Gestion
  • Philippe FEVRIER (1998), CEO - Founder, Veltys
  • Michel FREDEAU (1982), Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG
  • Fréderic GAGEY (1982), former CEO of Air France, CFO of Air France-KLM
  • Jean-Laurent GRANIER (1990), CEO, Generali France
  • Jean-François GRÉGOIRE (1996), Director of Market Activities at Société Générale
  • Isabelle HÉBERT (1997), Member of the AG2R La Mondiale management committee in charge of marketing
  • Thanh-Long HUYNH (2000), Chairman and CEO of QuantCube Technology - startup
  • Olivier KLEIN (1980), Managing Director of BRED Banque Populaire
  • Helle KRISTOFFERSEN (1989), Director of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Total
  • Arnaud LAROCHE (1994), Head of Artificial Intelligence for EY
  • Jean-Yves LE BERRE (1991), Managing Director, Europ Assistance
  • Cheikh Tidiane MBAYE (1981), former CEO of Sonatel 
  • Stéphane MYSONA (1999), Founder of Alpha Foundry 
  • Didier NEGIAR (1978), CEO, Raisup
  • Philippe PERRET (1986), Managing Director, Société Générale Assurances
  • Thomas SAUNIER (1993), Managing Director, Malakoff Humanis
  • Ludovic SUBRAN (2002), Chief Economist, Allianz
  • Armand THIBERGE (2007), Co-founder and CEO of SendinBlue
  • Claire WAYSAND (1993), Deputy Managing Director - Corporate Secretary of Engie

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ENSAE Alumni Association

The activities of the ENSAE Alumni Association contribute to the reputation of the School and its degrees and aim above all to maintain and strengthen the links between its members. They aim to promote exchanges within the alumni community, organize thematic events and share experiences and professional opportunities. 

These initiatives benefit young graduates as well as students through the mentoring system. 

Two important areas of commitment concern the support of alumni throughout their careers and the promotion of gender parity.

Variances, the ENSAE Alumni webzine

Variances.eu is a deployment, open thanks to digital technology to all Internet users, of the journal Variances, which has produced 54 issues during 22 years and has during this period contributed to the influence of ENSAE.

Since its launch in September 2016, variances.eu has been a collaborative space designed to host theoretical reflections, debates of ideas, informative monitoring, feedback, business applications... on all major societal topics approached under the analytical and prospective views of exact, human and social sciences.

It is a lively platform, which publishes 2 to 3 articles per week, alternating between insights on in-depth subjects and lighter contributions. This platform is freely accessible on the web.

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