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Fengyue ZHAN (Alumni 2021), Model Inspector at Crédit Agricole SA

Fengyue ZHAN, a graduate of the Actuarial Engineering Cycle - Class of 2021, entered ENSAE Paris in the 2nd year after completing a Master's degree in Physics at ENS Lyon. Today, he works as a Model Inspector at Crédit Agricole SA, and speaks as an ENSAE Alumni!
Fengyue ZHAN (Alumni 2021), Model Inspector at Crédit Agricole SA

Why did you choose ENSAE Paris?

When I joined ENSAE Paris, as a former ENS student, my aim was to join a school of excellence that offered real proximity to the business world. Along the way, I was lucky enough to take part in numerous conferences and events organized by the school. These experiences played a key role in shaping my vision of the professional world and defining my future career.

What do you still remember about your training at ENSAE Paris?

Looking back, I realize that the skills I acquired at ENSAE continue to be a valuable asset in my professional career, particularly in the fields of statistics, economics and actuarial science. My actuarial training opened the doors to the Institute of Actuaries, which has considerably boosted my professional career.

Did it help you find a job quickly?

ENSAE Paris provides an ideal environment for the Forum Trium association, which organizes various professional events such as job dating sessions and conferences. Thanks to the importance placed on building our network as a complement to our training, I landed a job that matched my aspirations barely a month after completing my internship. I had several opportunities to target the type of company and profession I wanted to work for beforehand.

In general, would you recommend the School?

ENSAE Paris is the ideal school for students with a strong interest in current affairs, economics and quantitative subjects. It also stands out for its openness to the world and its ability to foster a genuine cultural mix. One of the highlights of my course was meeting international students, where we discussed the particularities of their countries of origin. The cultural diversity was so rich that it was as if we could travel around the world in a single conversation.

Do you have any advice for those interested in actuarial science?

It's reassuring to see that a leading engineering school like ENSAE Paris promotes a diversity of profiles and equal opportunities. If I had to give one piece of advice to future generations of students, it would be not to hesitate to ask ENSAE Alumni, current students and course leaders, who are all enthusiastic about welcoming new profiles. No matter what your background, ENSAE Paris will be a springboard for your future.