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Thibault Tatou Dekou: As a data enthusiast, ENSAE Paris was a natural choice

A second-year engineering student (2024), Thibault Tatou Dekou was admitted to ENSAE Paris through international recruitment, as part of a dual degree program with ISSEA in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Thibault Tatou Dekou: As a data enthusiast, ENSAE Paris was a natural choice

How did you get into ENSAE Paris?

I entered ENSAE Paris through an international admissions. With a shared passion for data, economics, and finance, I was seeking a school with a strong mathematical foundation in its curriculum. ENSAE Paris naturally emerged as the ideal choice for me.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of ENSAE Paris?

The school stands out primarily for the quality of its teaching in data, economics, and finance. I find that they perfectly combine theory and practice. Furthermore, the fact that the school is of a human scale and has a very active student association greatly enriches the student experience.

Who would you recommend ENSAE Paris to?

If you're passionate about applied mathematics and want to explore how they can be used to solve common social, medical, technological, and economic problems, I highly recommend considering ENSAE Paris.

To the younger ones, I would say that it offers you a unique choice of pathways that give you the opportunity to work and thrive in any sector. It's a school for everyone and open to all.

What has been one of your standout moments at ENSAE Paris?

One of my favorite moments at ENSAE Paris is undoubtedly the Career Day. The diversity and quality of the guests not only allowed me to better envision the specialization I want to pursue but also made me more aware of the cross-disciplinary nature of the school's training fields.

Can you talk to us about your involvement with associations within the School?

I'm part of the Gala ENSAE association, where I hold the position of vice president. My main mission, alongside other members of the association, is to organize the school's annual gala. It's a rich and extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with other students in making one of the most anticipated events of the year a success. This festive event brings together current students and alumni, where different cohorts mingle in an atmosphere that is both friendly and distinguished.