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From a BL Prep class to ENSAE Paris: the journey of engineering student Manon Maugard

First-year engineering student (2024), Manon Maugard admitted via the Economics and Social Sciences-BL Exam. She is originally from a BL Prep class at Lycée Thiers in Marseille.
From a BL Prep class to ENSAE Paris: the journey of engineering student Manon Maugard

Why did you choose to join ENSAE Paris?

I really enjoyed mathematics and social sciences, and I knew that ENSAE Paris offered many opportunities in these fields. The school provides an immense foundation of knowledge and methods, allowing you to venture into numerous domains afterwards, which explains the diversity of career prospects.

Now that you are a student, has your perception of ENSAE Paris evolved?

During the Careers Days or company visits, it becomes immediately clear that ENSAE Paris is highly recognized and appreciated by institutions and companies. This was something I wasn't fully aware of before joining the school. Thanks to the small class sizes, it is easy to make friends with many students, whether they are in the same year or in an upper or lower year (1A, 2A, and 3A).

To whom would you recommend ENSAE Paris?

If you studied in a B/L stream and wish to explore the fields of economics, sociology, and mathematics, ENSAE Paris is a school that offers numerous opportunities in these domains. For candidates from other backgrounds, ENSAE Paris is an opportunity to delve into other subjects that might become a revelation.

How do you manage the entrance exams and academic demands at ENSAE Paris?

Mathematics play a crucial role, but with a methodical approach, one can achieve excellent grades in the exams, both written and oral. The level of mathematics at ENSAE Paris is demanding, but having a background in literary subjects and social sciences is a significant asset, especially for group projects. The first semester of harmonization might seem daunting, but I found it very enriching. It allowed me to focus on mathematics and grasp the concepts useful for the rest of the curriculum.

What moment has marked you during your first year at ENSAE Paris?

The time during the BDE (Bureau Des Élèves) campaign, where two candidate lists propose activities to stand out over a fortnight, is one of the most memorable moments. On this occasion, you have the opportunity to participate in a ski trip and other organized events. It is a very festive period after the first semester exams, where you get to know your fellow students better and open up to others.

Can you tell us about your involvement with associations at the school?

Community life is very much encouraged by the school and getting involved in an association really helps you to gain autonomy and learn how to manage projects. This year I'm General Secretary of the Agora ENSAE association, which organises conferences with public figures. We've already been lucky enough to welcome Gabriel Zucman and Etienne Klein, and we've got some more exciting conferences lined up for the autumn!

I'm also President of Fem'ENSAE, the School's feminist association. We have several ongoing projects that will continue next year. We are carrying out the following actions:

  • Distribution of menstrual panties
  • Preventing and combating SGBV (sexist or sexual violence)
  • Information on sexual health
  • Participation in IP Pride
  • Work with young girls in secondary schools
  • Inter-school projects on the plateau with other feminist associations