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Accompanying disability

ENSAE Paris has a referent in charge of supporting students with disabilities (permanent or temporary) or suffering from a health problem that may affect their education.
Accompanying disability

Individual support

In collaboration with the director of studies, the teachers and the student life department, the disability advisor accompanies students throughout their studies to enable them to adapt their education and fully integrate into student life. Depending on the situation, adjustments are made to courses and special support is offered to facilitate professional integration.

Elisabeth Andreoletti-Cheng, appointed as the school's disability advisor, is available to help them

understand their needs
accompany them in their steps if necessary
make the link with the various departments of the School
propose specific accommodations
Students can find all the necessary information on the dedicated page of the intranet.

Contact: Elisabeth.ANDREOLETTI-CHENG@ensae.fr 

ENSAE Paris is also sensitive and vigilant on this subject in its recruitment juries (admissions on the basis of qualifications and competitive examinations) and proposes the necessary adaptations, particularly during the oral examinations.


The ENSAE Paris building, built in 2017, complies with all regulations relating to the reception of people with reduced mobility. It is fully accessible to people with disabilities. Digital and computer supports are adaptable on a case-by-case basis.

Parking spaces are also provided for people with disabilities.