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ENSAE & Université Paris-Saclay

The partnership between the University of Paris-Saclay and ENSAE Paris allows students with double bachelor's degrees from the University of Paris-Saclay to enter the engineering program at ENSAE Paris, and allows student-engineers from ENSAE Paris to enter the mathematics program at the University of Paris-Saclay. These students obtain a degree from both institutions.
ENSAE & Université Paris-Saclay

The agreement gives access to certain students of the double-degree license (LDD) of the University of Paris-Saclay to the engineering training of ENSAE Paris, which leads to the delivery of the engineering degree of ENSAE Paris. Reciprocally, it gives certain first-year ENSAE Paris students access to a complementary L3 mathematics course at the University of Paris-Saclay.

This partnership complements the existing collaborations between the University of Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris in the area of research masters (including Mathematics, Vision and Learning, Mathematics of Randomness / Statistics and Machine Learning, Quantitative Sociology and Demography) and doctoral studies in mathematics (Hadamard joint doctoral school).

Access to ENSAE Paris for LDD students from Paris-Saclay University 

  • The agreement provides for access for students of the double-degree license (LDD) "economics, mathematics" of the University Paris-Saclay to the second year of the engineering cycle of ENSAE Paris. The students apply during their L2 and are preselected by the jury of the second year of the LDD. The admitted candidates follow in parallel of their L3 some first year courses of ENSAE Paris (10 ECTS being validated for the L3). Conditionally to the results obtained in L3 and to these courses, validating the competences in economics and mathematics which are the prerequisites for an admission in 2AD, these students are admitted, on the opinion of a common jury, in 2AD of ENSAE.  
  • The agreement also provides for privileged access to the first year of ENSAE Paris for students from other double-degree bachelor's degrees containing a block of mathematical knowledge and skills from the University of Paris-Saclay: "computer science, mathematics"; "mathematics, physics and engineering sciences"; "mathematics, life sciences". Students in these programs have a specific access path to ENSAE Paris for admission to the first year of the engineering program. Applications pre-selected by the course director are examined at ENSAE Paris by a dedicated jury.
  • The places available at ENSAE Paris within the framework of the agreement are counted against a dedicated quota.   

Access to the L3 of mathematics of the University Paris-Saclay for the students of ENSAE Paris 

  • The University of Paris-Saclay will be able to welcome first-year students from ENSAE Paris who have passed the MP/MP* competitive examination in the "Economics and Mathematics" degree program, which is common with the first year of the Magistère in Mathematics at the University of Paris-Saclay.
  • The preselection will be carried out by the ENSAE Paris Department of Studies in September, among the students who have applied before mid-September to the school. Admission will be decided by the head of the Mathematics Magisterium on the basis of a file sent by the school, including in particular the transcripts of marks obtained in the ENSAE Paris entrance exam.  
  • Students admitted to the program will follow the first year of the ENSAE Paris program and the L3 in mathematics in parallel, within the framework of an adapted program (in particular through the reciprocal recognition of ECTS).

The agreement comes into effect at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year.