ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat


The double degree between ESCP and ENSAE Paris aims to allow students to discover two complementary worlds and to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach between the two institutions.


ESCP students are selected from among those who have completed an economic and commercial preparatory program, with a scientific option, or a BL preparatory class. These students must have completed a L3 MASS (or equivalent degree) in parallel with their first year at ESCP. The application takes place during the M1 year at ESCP; please note that it is necessary to obtain good results in mathematics in the Bachelor's degree to be admitted to ENSAE. Students admitted directly into the Master's program may also apply, provided they have previously completed a scientific university course of study at least equivalent to a Bachelor's degree.

Students admitted to ENSAE Paris by competitive examination may apply for the ENSAE-ESCP double degree during their second year at ENSAE Paris.

Training path

ESCP students admitted to the double degree program will complete the second and, subject to validation, the third year at ENSAE Paris. They will not be able to take advantage of an external schooling to replace the third year at ENSAE Paris. Internships completed as part of the ENSAE Paris curriculum may be used to validate ESCP's professional experience requirements.

The ENSAE Paris student admitted to the double degree program will complete the first year of the M1 program and then, subject to validation, the second year at ESCP. He or she may spend part of the program abroad within the framework of ESCP's partnership agreements. The ENSAE Paris student will be required to complete the opening professional internship as well as the ENSAE Paris application internship. These internships may count as professional experience, subject to validation by ESCP.