ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

Lysa Rudy: I joined ENSAE Paris after completing my dual degree in mathematics and computer science.

A first-year engineering student (2024), Lysa Rudy was admitted to ENSAE Paris through university admission via the GEI-UNIV procedure. She holds a dual degree in mathematics and computer science from Sorbonne University.
Lysa Rudy: I joined ENSAE Paris after completing my dual degree in mathematics and computer science.

Why did you choose to join ENSAE Paris?

When I decided to join ENSAE Paris, it was primarily because of its academic excellence and its program in Data Science, Statistics and Learning. These fields have always fascinated me, and ENSAE Paris is a prominent reference in these disciplines.

Today, I can confirm that this school is an excellent choice for specializing in economics, data science, finance, or mathematics. I observe on a daily basis that the training in these areas is both rigorous and comprehensive, thus opening up numerous professional opportunities.

As a student, what do you think are the strengths of ENSAE Paris?

In hindsight, I realize that the main strengths of ENSAE Paris lie in its diversity and size. Students come from varied academic backgrounds and life experiences, creating a wealth of experiences and perspectives. Additionally, the small size of the cohorts promotes genuine cohesion, fostering deeper and more personalized interactions between students and faculty.

What advice would you give to future candidates looking to join ENSAE Paris?

To all future candidates, and even to high school students who are planning ahead, don't hesitate to aim for ENSAE Paris. The school values diversity in profiles, whether they come from preparatory classes or universities. Personally, coming from a university background, I didn't think ENSAE was within reach, but I managed to get in through the Gei-Univ competition. My advice: during the motivational interview, clearly demonstrate your desire to join the school and rely on your study project. It's this determination that will set you apart from other candidates.

Could you share with us some memorable moments from this year at ENSAE Paris?

I have two memorable moments from my time at ENSAE Paris:

  • The first one is the "Coupe de l'X," a sports competition between different schools organized by the École Polytechnique. We had a large group of first-year students from ENSAE cheering for the participants and following them from one sport to another.
  • The second one is the BDE (Bureau des Élèves) campaign. For three intense weeks, we campaigned to become the future student representatives. Despite our defeat, I must say that those weeks were unforgettable and filled with rich human experiences!

Could you tell us about your involvement in student associations at the School?

I am a member of the ENSAE Solidaire, association, where I serve as the secretary-general. Our mission is to collect donations that we then distribute to various charities. This experience has not only allowed me to be helpful but also to raise awareness within the ENSAE community about causes that are important to me.

In conclusion of my experience, I would say that ENSAE Paris is not just a school of academic excellence, but also a place where diversity and community engagement are highly valued. If you are passionate about economics, data, finance, or mathematics, and you have the determination to fully invest yourself, ENSAE Paris is the right place for you. Don't hesitate to apply and showcase your motivation because this school can open incredible doors for you!