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Anna Korba (ENSAE 2015), teacher-researcher in machine learning

A 2015 graduate of ENSAE Paris's Engineering degree in Data Science and Master's in Mathematics, Vision & Learning (MVA), Anna Korba is now an ENSAE-CREST teacher-researcher in machine learning, in the Statistics department.
Anna Korba (ENSAE 2015), teacher-researcher in machine learning

ENSAE enjoys a first-rate research environment. ENSAE Paris' academic recognition is based on the influence of its Centre de Recherche en Économie et Statistique (CREST), a joint research unit bringing together researchers in quantitative social sciences and applied mathematics from the CNRS, ENSAE Paris and the economics department of the École Polytechnique.

Anna Korba, ENSAE Alumni of the Class of 2015 and now a teacher-researcher in statistics and data science, agreed to talk about her experiences as part of the "CRESTive Minds - Researcher portrait" series.

Read Anna Korba's testimonial on the CREST website:

  • What is your career path?
  • Did you have a statistician who particularly inspired you? If so, what were their research topics?
  • How did you get into statistics and Machine Learning in particular?
  • What are your research topics?
  • The framework of your field of research is fairly recent, and brings together different communities. Could you name them and explain how this collaborative effervescence has enabled a great advance?
  • There are still many unsolved problems in the various applications. What would you like to solve or advance in your future research?
  • How is the intersection of fair analysis methods and Bayesian statistical methods an important advance for Machine Learning?

As a student I liked mathematics and coding. At ENSAE, I had the choice between quantitative finance and machine learning. With quantitative finance hiring slowing down, I embraced the rising tide of machine learning, drawn to its dynamic nature and innovative potential.

Anna Korba, assistant professor at CREST-ENSAE Paris