With more than 6,500 alumni around the world, ENSAE can rely on a solid network of alumni, whose exchanges are facilitated by the ENSAE Alumni association. Its activities contribute to the reputation of the school and its diplomas and aim above all to maintain and strengthen the links between its members.

A few examples of ENSAE graduates careers


  • Michel AGLIETTA (1964), Economist
  • Yacine AIT-SAHALIA (1989), Professor of Finance, Princeton University
  • Alain DESROSIERES (1965), Statistician, Sociologist and Historian
  • Marc FLEURBAEY (1986), Professor of Economics, Princeton University
  • Christian GOURIÉROUX (1972), Professor of Finance and Economics, Université de Toronto
  • Jean-Jacques LAFFONT (1970), Economist, founder of the Toulouse Institute for Industrial Economics
  • Edmond MALINVAUD (1948), Economist, Honorary Professor at “Collège de France”
  • Alain MONFORT, founder of CREST, Professor of Finance and Econometrics, CNAM
  • Hélène REY (1994), Professor of Economics, London Business School
  • Jean-Marc ROBIN (1984), Professor of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Judith ROUSSEAU (1994), Professor of Statistics, University of Oxford
  • Bernard SALANIÉ (1986), Professor of Economics, Columbia University
  • Stefanie STANTCHEVA (2009), Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • David THESMAR (1996), Professor of Finance, MIT
  • Nizar TOUZI (1990), Professor of Finance, École polytechnique

Public organizations

  • Jacqueline AGLIETTA (1965), founder of Médiamétrie
  • Maya ATIG (1996), General Director of the French Banking Federation
  • François BOURGUIGNON (1968), former Vice-president of the World-Bank
  • Reda CHERIF (2001), Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
  • Benoît COEURÉ (1982), former member of the Directory of the European Central Bank
  • Jean-Marie GANKOU (1977), former Minister for Economics and Finance of Cameroon
  • Yaye Seynabou SAKHO (1998), Director for Central America, World Bank
  • Christian SAUTER (1965), former Minister of Economics, Finance and Industry of France
  • Jean-Luc TAVERNIER (1985), General Director of the National Institute for Statistics and Economics Studies


  • Sahar BAGHERY (2005), Head of Business Development, Amazon Prime Video
  • Philippe BRASSAC (1981), General Director, Crédit Agricole
  • Sophie BROCART (1995), General Director, Jean Patou-LVMH
  • Eric CHANEY (1988), former Chief economist, AXA group
  • Frederic GAGEY (1982), former CEO of Air France, Financial Director of Air France-KLM
  • Thanh-Long HUYNH (2000), CEO of QuantCube Technology
  • Helle KRISTOFFERSEN (1989), Director of Strategy and Economic Intelligence, Total
  • Arnaud LAROCHE (1994), head of AI for EY, Paris


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