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Lecture 10/10: Philippe Brassac (ENSAE Paris alumni), CEO of Crédit Agricole SA Group

10 Oct. 2023
On Tuesday October 10, 2023, the FORUM ENSAE student association, with the support of ENSAE Alumni and in partnership with the Crédit Agricole SA Group, organized an exceptional event: Philippe Brassac, the Group's Chief Executive Officer, came to talk to them about his career, alongside a dozen employees and alumni of the School.
Lecture 10/10: Philippe Brassac (ENSAE Paris alumni), CEO of Crédit Agricole SA Group

An alumnus of ENSAE, with a wealth of experience at the Crédit Agricole Group and the Fédération Bancaire Française, Philippe Brassac outlined his vision of the banking sector, with particular emphasis on the meaning of professional commitment, and the importance of the human element in decision-making processes that are increasingly machine-assisted.

Discussions led by the Forum, represented by Jérôme Allier and Iokanaan Belfis-Simon, then gave way to questions from the students, in particular on the challenges of financing the climate transition. Philippe Brassac took on the responsibility of his sector, proposed some key ideas for understanding it, and invited the students to join him in continuing and accelerating the transformations.

The evening continued with informal discussions between the twelve ENSAE alumni currently working at Crédit Agricole, accompanied by Philippe Brassac, and ENSAE students on the practical aspects of their various professions, whether in Markets, Risk Management, Financial Management, Data Science or General Inspection. It was an opportunity to get a real overview of the quantitative professions in banking, in the relaxed atmosphere of meetings between students and alumni that characterizes the Forum cocktails.

Many thanks to Jonathan Assouline, Marie Sarfati, Anastasia Ifergan, El Hacen Zein, Moonès Lejmi, Baptiste Lelyon, Fanny Vidal, Pascal Gibart, Luosi Zheng, Clément Martin, Michaël Sok and Fengyue Zhan.

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