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The end-of-studies internship in the specialized master's program is a compulsory internship lasting 4 to 6 months on a full-time equivalent basis (6 months compulsory for students in the specialized master's program in actuarial science).

The end-of-studies internship in a specialized master's program can begin part-time during the course of the program, or begin full-time after the end of the second semester exams. It can also take the form of a fixed-term contract, permanent contract or VIE.

The subject of the internship must be related to the specialization of the specialized master's degree, and of a sufficient technical level. It is validated by the director of studies, taking into account, firstly, the scientific objectives of the internship and the missions entrusted to it and, secondly, its openness to the professional sector targeted by the said specialized master's degree.

The main objective of the internship is to apply the teachings of the specialization followed and to acquire experience in order to ensure the transition to the professions and professional outlets of the specialized master's degree. The internship consists of a scientific approach in a professional environment, guided by a supervisor, to answer a question of interest to the company.