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Gilles Févry: 5 Reasons to Choose ENSAE Paris for Studies in Applied Mathematics

First-year engineering student (2024), Gilles Févry was admitted to ENSAE Paris through university admission via the GEI-UNIV procedure. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Versailles.
Gilles Févry: 5 Reasons to Choose ENSAE Paris for Studies in Applied Mathematics

As an enthusiast of applied mathematics, I was seeking a school that not only offered excellent training but also a professional program. My choice quickly turned to ENSAE Paris, and I have never regretted that decision!

1. A human-sized school with a wide diversity of profiles.

What sets ENSAE Paris apart is its human-scale nature while bringing together extremely diverse profiles. This diversity enriches exchanges and opens up multiple professional perspectives.

The school offers rigorous and coherent training for anyone interested in data, whether in artificial intelligence, economics, or even sociology.

2. A logical continuation for students with a bachelor's degree in mathematics / Mathematics and Computer Science.

For students in bachelor's programs in mathematics or Mathematics and Computer Science who are preparing for university entrance exams for engineering schools, ENSAE Paris represents a logical continuation of their path. The school offers a smooth transition and allows students to build on their previous knowledge while opening new doors to various careers.

3. A forward-looking education.

The school prepares students for careers that are booming. Its program enables a better understanding and action in the world of tomorrow. The education provided is in line with the current needs of the job market, particularly in the fields of data science, economics, and applied sociology.

4. An enriching student life.

One of the aspects I particularly appreciated at ENSAE Paris is the richness of student life. As the president of the Bureau des Arts (BDA), I had the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of cultural events. The BDA campaign week is a highlight: during this period, we give our all to bring the arts to life. Seeing other students having fun and participating in the activities we organize brings immense pleasure!

5. A practical learning of management and teamwork.

Presiding over the BDA has taught me a lot about organizing and practically managing an association. This experience has not only given me confidence but has also taught me the importance of putting things into perspective and working effectively in a team. These skills are valuable and transferable to any professional field.

In hindsight, choosing ENSAE Paris has been a wise decision for me, offering excellent training, professional opportunities, and a rich and educational student life. For anyone seeking to combine academic rigor with practical preparation for the professional world, ENSAE Paris is a choice worth seriously considering.