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Felix TROPF (research professor CREST-ENSAE), awarded with ERC Starting Grants

22 Nov. 2022
The ERC Starting has rewarded 408 scientific talents in Europe this year, including Felix Tropf, research professor CREST-ENSAE, and researchers from Institut Polytechnique de Paris: Fabian Cadiz of the Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory, Adrien Leblanc of the Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée. This funding will allow them to build teams and launch projects in their fields of research.
Felix TROPF (research professor CREST-ENSAE), awarded with ERC Starting Grants

Awarded by the European Research Council (ERC), Starting Grants aim to support researchers at the beginning of their careers who have already done excellent work and who are ready to work independently as leaders of research teams. This year, laboratories of Institut Polytechnique de Paris have 3 researchers on the list of ERC Starting Grant winners.

Congratulations to Felix Tropf, assistant professor at Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST,  a joint research unit of CNRS, ENSAE Paris - Institut Polytechnique de Paris, École polytechnique - Institut Polytechnique de Paris, GENES) and who leads courses at ENSAE Paris :

Genetics in social models: How much of the inequalities in our wealth, health, and family planning can we explain with our current statistical models and data? This is one of the questions that Felix Tropf wishes to answer with his FINDME project, funded by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council.