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The ENSAE Paris team wins the French Debating 2022 final !

14 Jun. 2022
The ENSAE Paris team wins the French Debating 2022 final !

This Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the Victor Hugo room of the French National Assembly hosted the Final of the 29th edition of the inter-school and inter-university debate tournament in English, organized by the French Debating Association (FDA). Congratulations to the students who won against the ISAE SUPAERO team during a high level debate around the motion "This House Believes That absence is the highest form of presence" !

2022, a sixth victory for ENSAE Paris

ENSAE Paris wins a 6th victory in the tournament (1994, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2017, 2022) thanks to the team coached by Anne-Marie WOODS, professor of English at ENSAE. ENSAE is the first school to win 6 titles! The winning team was composed of 1st and 2nd year students: Maria Alexa, Lucas Clemente, Benjamin Pipaud, Alexandre Quéant, Rose Salaün were the brilliant speakers during the quarter, semi-final and final; Paul Contamin, Théo Le Picard and Ulysse Guégan also participated in the first stages of the tournament.

During this 29th edition of the FDA tournament, ENSAE Paris started in Pool C and offered at each stage a great show, fueled by their eloquence, their team spirit and their humor:

  • vs ISAE Supméca: 3-2; "THB in moderation"; ENSAE Paris Opposition
  • vs École Normale Supérieur PSL : 4-1 ; "THB leaders should lead from their heart not their heads" ; ENSAE Paris Government
  • vs ILERI : 3-2 ; "THB the winner takes it all" ; ENSAE Paris Government
  • vs CentraleSupélec : 5-0 ; "THBT honesty is overrated" ; ENSAE Paris Government
  • vs ISAE SUPAERO : 5-4 ; "THBT absence is the highest form of presence" ; ENSAE Paris Opposition

Congratulations to the whole team for their creativity and performance, which convinced the different juries and especially the prestigious jury that was gathered for the Final, along with Declan Mc Cavana, President of the FDA and Chairman of the evening, Shanica De Silva and Borith Khaou, Secretaries General of the FDA and Timekeepers of the Final:

  • Anna Bossman, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana
  • Rory Clarke, Senior Communication advisor at OECD
  • Maurice Cotter, Second secretary at the Irish Embassy
  • Sylvia Cullen, Irish author
  • Louise Dalenne, FDA social media officer
  • Maria Doyle, Irish singer and author
  • Nora Hickey, Director of the Irish cultural center
  • Christophe Pallez, Deontologue at the French National Assembly
  • Jean-Pascal Sibiet, President of the Franco-British connections

Relive the debates thanks to the replays on social networks

  • Final against ISAE SUPAERO, April 12, 2022 at the National Assembly:

  • Semi-final against CentraleSupélec, March 30, 2022 at the Irish Embassy in France:


Debating is...

A playful rhetoric contest, inspired by the parliamentary debates at the House of Commons in Westminter, during which two teams of 5 speakers confront each other around a motion prepared 4 days in advance but also leaving room for improvisation. One team takes on the role of the Government and tries to convince the jury to adopt the motion, while the other, playing the role of the opposition, competes with verve to try to have it rejected.

This competition has been organized by the French Debating Association (FDA) since 1993, when Declan Mc Cavana, then an English teacher at ENSAE Paris, Polytechnique and ENA, created the structure. Its goal: to encourage public speaking in English among students. The enthusiasm shown by the participants and the public during the first tournament was such that the event was repeated every year and became increasingly successful.