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Collection of the apprenticeship tax 2023

06 Apr. 2023
For ENSAE Paris, the apprenticeship tax represents an essential support from companies to help us adjust our teaching to the challenges of tomorrow and to help our School train the talents that will build the future of your company. We are counting on you to continue to support ENSAE Paris in its development and thus contribute to disseminating the unique skills of its graduates in our economy.
Collection of the apprenticeship tax 2023

Companies of all sizes, whether start-ups, VSEs, SMEs or large corporations, can choose to allocate the free balance of the apprenticeship tax (now called the 0.09%) to ENSAE Paris, the only tax for which companies can choose the beneficiary or beneficiaries.

The apprenticeship tax represents an essential part of corporate support for ENSAE Paris to enable it to maintain the excellence of its training, to remain attentive to the needs of companies and to pursue its ambitions in relation to the issues of diversity, sustainable development and innovation.

This support, through the payment of your apprenticeship tax, contributes to the adjustment of our teaching to the challenges of society and especially to the establishment of courses that prepare our graduates to contribute in their field of specialization:

  • the fight against climate change
  • to the growth of international mobility flows
  • and to the development of entrepreneurship

as well as allowing for the acquisition of broadened competencies that fully integrate the soft skills and interculturality that are essential to meet the responsibilities that await our students.

The Law for the Freedom to Choose one's Professional Future of September 5, 2018 changes the way the balance of the apprenticeship tax is collected and allocated from 2023 onwards.

Below are the key steps to enable ENSAE Paris to receive your payment:

  • Inform ENSAE Paris of your support by registering your pledge now via the Agires platform
  • The balance of the apprenticeship tax (0.09%) will be deducted by the Urssaf and the MSA funds, then transferred to the Caisse des Dépôts (on May 5 or 15, 2023).
  • From May 25, 2023, choose your beneficiary institutions online on the "SOLTéA" platform, with the identifiers requested on Net-Entreprises. Find our institution easily on SOLTéA by our UAI number: EF 0912381U.

ENSAE Paris is the leading school at the interface of statistics and data science, quantitative economics and sociology, finance and insurance. It trains future engineers, high-level talents whose expertise supports the strategic decisions of companies and public authorities.

At the end of 2021, ENSAE Paris launched its 2022-2026 development plan, which aims to accelerate the School's development at the interface of data science, quantitative economics and sociology, and finance and insurance, in a period rich in challenges and opportunities: technological breakthroughs, the omnipresence of data, ethical issues, major societal transitions, as well as pedagogical innovation and international development.

Our objective, within the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, is to accelerate the dissemination of the unique skills of our graduates to companies and public organizations in our economy by promoting creativity, innovation, and exposure to research and international development of our students.

We are counting on you to support the school in its commitments and to promote the excellence of its training.

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