Masters & PhD

Research Master programs

ENSAE is directly involved in several research oriented Masters, operated within the University Paris-Saclay :

How to apply: https://inception.universite‐paris‐

Training through research

CREST organizes advanced PhD courses and participates in the supervision of dissertations. Over fourty research students are currently working on their dissertations at the center. French and foreign students can apply for a CREST fellowship.

Students with an ability to start a research program as soon as their last year at ENSAE are encouraged to join the “Training Through Research” program.

The Training through research program consists of a series of advanced courses, open to motivated third year ENSAE students. The course programme is completely updated each year. Approximately half of these courses are taught by visiting foreign scholars. Some of the best ENSAE students are authorised to start research in their third year at the school under the supervision of a senior CREST researcher. In line with its basic policy of facilitating exchanges between junior and senior researchers from different backgrounds, CREST trains doctoral students and offers grants to qualified foreign and French students, including ENSAE graduates.

About fifteen students are selected each year for this program.

PhD and doctoral program

Information on PhD is available on CREST’s website here.