Introductory lectures on contemporary societal issues


The objective of this conference cycle is to shed light on contemporary social issues, through the prism of sociology. After a general introduction, the course will address questions that cross our contemporary societies. Regularly, speakers who have conducted recent surveys in the humanities and social sciences will come to present their work. For students, the interest is twofold. On the one hand, each conference will introduce a major societal subject (gender relations, pay and school inequalities, conjugality in the internet age, student living conditions, work organization, etc.). In addition, each session will serve as an introduction to the social sciences, their methods, and their reasoning. Each of these topics, which are directly connected to students, will give rise to a discussion, which we hope will be lively.

The course consists of 10 sessions of 1.5 hours, which alternate between presentations by the teacher and invited lectures.

Validation: Written exam in the form of a quiz.


All conferences are in French

14 septembre 2021 Introduction : Ce qu’est la sociologie.
28 septembre 2021 I. Petev (CNRS-CREST) Le coût économique des prénoms: la discrimination
sur les plateformes collaboratives.
5 octobre 2021 Relations amoureuses, sexualité et harcelement sexuel
12 octobre 2021 S. Gollac (CNRS, CRESSPA), Le genre du capital.
19 octobre 2021 Politique : ce que peuvent les novices.
2 novembre 2021 Mobilisations visibles, mobilisations discrètes.
16 novembre 2021 B. Coulmont (ENS Paris-Saclay), Les prénoms : de l'anecdote à la sociologie.
23 novembre 2021 L. Caron (INED), Les immigrés en France. Quelle place, quelles mobilités,
quelles images de soi ?
30 novembre 2021 M. Bergström (INED), Les nouvelles lois de l’amour.
14 décembre 2021 Y. Demoli (UVSQ-Printemps), L'environnement face aux inégalités sociales