Foreign Language – S1


  • Helping students acquire an adequate level of linguistic knowledge for the tasks they may be entrusted with in their professional lives.
  • Deepening the knowledge already acquired and improving skills.
  • The range of courses available is sufficiently wide that students who already have a high level of proficiency on entering the Ecole can deepen their knowledge of English-language civilisation and literature, bringing their foreign-language skills closer to their first-language level.

On the first day of the year, students sit an evaluation test. They are then divided up into groups of different levels according to the results.
Beginners and students who are very weak in English devote four hours to learning the basic structures of the spoken and written language.
Intermediate students take two weekly sessions, one of two hours and the other of one hour, designed to help them progress in their mastery of the four basic English skills. One session is devoted to a particular theme and the other either to grammar or to techniques of oral expression.
The strongest groups are given a varied choice of courses (institutions and civilisation in English-speaking countries, Ireland, literature etc.).