ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

Interpersonal and communicational skills 1A S2


In 1A and 2A, students participate in general and more targeted courses/workshops, which aim to help them acquire tools and skills that they can use throughout their academic and professional careers. 

In 1A, students can validate their "enseignements d'approfondissement" through attending workshops or by being registered in a specific "parcours". 

Workshops (9 hours) focus on the following subjects: "Preparing oneself for an interview", "Building one's professional project", "Learning how to work in teams".

List of tracks (“parcours”): 

  • Track for student representatives
  • Theater track
  • Track for association leaders
  • Debating track
  • Mentoring track
  • HEC track (mémoire)