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Functional and Convex Analysis


This course is designed to teach first-year students the essential aspects of topology and convex and non-linear analysis (fixed point theorems) to prepare them for later mathematics and economics studies.



  1. Further topology -Metric, compact and locally compact spaces, complete metric spaces, extension of continuous functions with applications, Banach's fixed point theorem, Baire's theorem and its applications, connected spaces.
  2. Functional spaces -The Stone-Weierstrass theorem, Ascoli's theorem.
  3. Normed vector spaces -Continuous linear and multilinear maps, topological duals of a normed space, strong topology, the Hahn-Banach theorem, the bidual of a normed space, reflexivity.
  4. Banach spaces -The Banach-Steinhaus theorem, the open map and closed graph theorems.
  5. Convexity -Convex sets, convex envelope, cones, topological properties of convex sets, convex (concave) functions and their topological properties, theorems of separation, polarity and orthogonality, Farkas' lemma, quasi-convex (quasi-concave) functions
  6. Real Hilbert spaces -Best approximation projector, conic and linear projectors, duality in Hilbert spaces and the adjoint of a continuous operator.
  7. Fixed point theorems -Brouwer's fixed point theorem, extension to Hilbert spaces, ideas on correspondences, Kakutani's theorem, extension to Banach spaces, the Debreu-Gale-Nikaido lemma


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