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This course introduces concepts from topology in an analytical form: metric spaces, compacity, normed vector spaces and Banach spaces, together with several geometrical concepts: convexity and Hilbert spaces, including the statement and demonstration of projection theorems. A chapter also looks at sequences and series of functions. The course provides the essential foundations for differential calculus, optimisation and the theory of integration.


  1. Metric spaces -General remarks, topology of a metric space, limits and continuity
  2. Normed vector spaces -General remarks, examples, continuous linear applications, continuity of operations.
  3. Convexity -Affine varieties, convex sets, convex functions.
  4. Compacity -General remarks, use of sequences, finite-dimension normed vector spaces, convexity and compacity.
  5. Banach spaces -Complete spaces, examples of Banach spaces, series in a Banach space, Banach algebra..
  6. Sequences and series of functions -Simple limit of a sequence or series, uniform convergence, integer series.
  7. Hilbert spaces -Definitions, orthogonal projections, duality in Hilbert spaces, separation of convex parts, orthonormed families, Fourier series.


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