ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

Macroeconomics 3A-CI/MS



Department: Economics


This course aims to cover the main points of the second-year 2006-2007 core syllabus in macroeconomics, which includes the Macroeconomics 1 and Theories of Growth courses. The Ramsey model and the generation model will serve as an analysis framework for studying elements such as economic growth, the role of currency and the effectiveness of budgetary policy. The course will also offer several reminders about short- and medium-term macroeconomics.


  1. Reminders of the IS-LM and AS-AD models.
  2. Savings and accumulation in the Ramsey model
  3. The overlapping generations model and pensions reform
  4. Exogenous and endogenous growth
  5. Themes in budgetary policy
  6. The optimal quantity of currency
  7. Consistency and credibility of economic policy
  8. Introduction to real business cycle theory
  9. Introduction to neo-Keynesian theory



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