ENSAE Paris - École d'ingénieurs pour l'économie, la data science, la finance et l'actuariat

Entrepreneurship 1


The course has several objectives:

  • Sensitize some of the students to the themes, methodologies for developing innovative entrepreneurial projects, based on the following lines of action:
    • Exposure to entrepreneurial culture (conferences, meeting with entrepreneurs, sharing of experience, success & failure stories).
    • Acquisition of fundamentals (opportunity, business model, business plan, pitch, etc.).
  • Begin to develop an environment favorable to the emergence of projects:
    • From lessons centered on a project pedagogy, "Learning by doing".
    • By involving in the modules coaches, entrepreneurs, actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, who allow to leave the pedagogical context of the classroom, for an exercise "in real size" of creation.

This course is articulated with "Entrepreneurship 2". Students are asked to register for both programs: students who have not followed the Entrepreneurship 1 course cannot register for the Entrepreneurship 2 course in the second semester.


  1. The entrepreneur
  2. The dynamics of an entrepreneurial project
  3. Identification and Assessment of Opportunities
  4. Study and characterization of the addressable market
  5. Construction of the business model
  6. Financial projections
  7. Business Plan
  8. Pitch
  9. “Early stage” management