Master in Economics

Partner institutions

The master in economics is jointly offered by :

  • École polytechnique
  • ENSAE Paris
  • HEC Paris
  • ENS Paris-Saclay
  • University of Paris Sud


The objective of the two-year program is to provide an advanced training in economics to students who want to become professional economists working in academic research, government, central banking or international organizations. Continuation in the PhD program is a natural outcome.

The master is open to students of partner institutions, other French institutions, and especially designed for international students with high standards in economics and applied mathematics, the focus of the master being on quantitative economics.

The master in economics trains students to have a sound expertise in economics. The program heavily relies on advanced quantitative methods for both theoretical and empirical analysis.

  • In the first year, students learn the main tools used in economics and their most important applications.
  • During the second year, students specialize within subfields of economics (finance, games and decision theory, industrial economics, macroeconomics, international economics, public economics, labor economics, sustainable development, and econometrics). By the end of that year, they should be familiar with the research frontier within their main area of specialization.

Courses are taught at École polytechnique (first year), ENSAE and HEC (second year), in english. Fees are detailed here.

Detailed information on admission and courses is available on the master’s website (link below).



  • Prof. Robert Gary-Bobo, ENSAE Paris (in charge of Year 2)
  • Prof. Jean-Baptiste Michau, École polytechnique (in charge of Year 1)