ENSAE Alumni

Since 1976, ENSAE Alumni has enlarged and strengthened. Over the past few years, the association has worked towards tightening links with other renowned Alumni networks, helping alumni  to find jobs and career opportunities and promoting ENSAE’s public image, as well as its diploma and its values whether in France or abroad.

ENSAE is a French “Grande Ecole”, and a member of ParisTech, mostly dedicated to Economics, Statistics, Insurance and Finance. As a scientific school belonging to the French Ivy League, it delivers a twofold program in Economics and Statistics requiring top skills in mathematics. This training leads to various specializations in statistics, economic policy, industrial and product market competition economics, insurance and finance.

Professors are recruited among world famous academics and renowned professionals. Therefore, students learn the theoretical foundations of models and apply tools and methods with a practical vision. Given that ENSAE is open to the World and benefits from an unchallenged prestige, ENSAE graduates willing to complete their training abroad are quite able to follow Master classes or start a PhD in the most prestigious American or European universities.

Most ENSAE graduate start their careers in R&D or consulting jobs in the following sectors: quantitative finance, asset management, actuary and insurance, economic analysis, statistics and research departments.They reach positions of managing directors either in executive divisions (22% of ENSAE alumni are CEOs), or in finance, management and legal branches (15%) or in R&D departments (14%).

ENSAE graduates’ average gross wages rank fourth among French “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities.