CREST, Center for Research in Economics and Statistics


Research at ENSAE is carried out in the CREST (Center for Research in Economics and Statistics). 

CREST (Center for Research in Economics and Statistics) is a joint research center gathering the faculty members of ENSAE, ENSAI and Ecole Polytechnique Economics Department. An interdisciplinary Center focused on quantitative methods applied to the social sciences, CREST comprises four sub-areas: Economics, Statistics, Finance-Insurance and Sociology.

The common culture of CREST is characterized by a strong attachment to quantitative methods, data, mathematical modeling, and the continuous back-and-forth movement between theoretical models and empirical evidence to analyze concrete economic and societal problems. This approach, in line with the DNA of the CREST founding schools, thus embraces the goal of the founding members of the Econometric Society “to promote studies that aim at a unification of the theoretical-quantitative and the empirical-quantitative approach to economic problems and that are penetrated by constructive and rigorous thinking similar to that which has come to dominate in the natural sciences” (Ragnar Frisch, Econometrica, 1933).

In addition to the scientific output of its members, an important stake for the Center is the spin-off of its scientific culture and expertise through doctoral training. It is precisely one of the objectives of the “Paris-Saclay Master in Economics” and associated PhD program, jointly offered by Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE, in cooperation with HEC-Paris, ENS Cachan and Université Paris-Sud, to train young economists and attract the brightest students not only from the founding schools but also from the best universities worldwide.

Key figures

  • 78 teachers-researchers
  • 59 PhD students
  • 3 post-doc
  • 11 chairs (of which 8 supported by GENES schools and research centers)

The ECODEC “labex” 

Labex ECODEC is a government-financed research initiative dedicated the study of Economics and Decision Making, merging academics in economics and statistics from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE (and their joint research center CREST) as well as HEC Paris. ECODEC is aimed at promoting research work undertaken by researchers of participating entities, implementing high-level training programs (PhD, training for top-level civil servants…), building partnerships with private companies, especially in sectors such as marketing, data analysis, strategic management, HR, or corporate decision evaluation.