Statut : Assistant Professor
Département : ENSAE-CREST, Sociology
Spécialités :


I work as an assistant professor in quantitative sociology at CREST/ENSAE and am an associate member of Oxford University’s Nuffield College. I do research on social stratification, social demography, health and wellbeing, and work and family reconciliation. In my work, I mostly use quantitative methods and survey data. I have a PhD from the ICS/University of Groningen.


Enseignant Identifiant Intitulé Instructor Heures de TD Jours Heures de cours Crédits ECTS Modalité examen
Patrick Präg DES399 Sociological perspectives on inequality Präg Patrick 0 24 4
Patrick Präg DES400 Sociology of health and illness Präg Patrick 0 24 4