Statut : Responsable de Gestion Actif-Passif Trésorerie des Marchés Domestiques
Département : BNP PARIBAS
Spécialités : Gestion Actif-Passif, gestion des risques, gestion de Trésorerie


After training X-Ensae, Alexandre ADAM has been working for BNP Paribas since 1997 in the Asset&Liability Management (ALM) and Treasury Departments. Initially he worked as a modeler and as a market operator, he became Head of the bank's ALM modeling teams before being appointed head of BNP Paribas Personal Finance's Treasury ALM. Since 2018, he has been responsible for the ALM Treasury of domestic markets. He is the author of "Handbook of Asset and Liability Management: from models to optimal return strategies" (Wiley, 2007)


Enseignant Identifiant Intitulé Instructor Heures de TD Jours Heures de cours Crédits ECTS Modalité examen
Alexandre Adam FA309 Gestion actif passif bancaire Adam Alexandre 0 12 2 écrit