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Arnak Dalalyan


Arnak Dalalyan is a full professor of Statistics at ENSAE Paris and the director of CREST. He obtained his PhD (2001) from Le Mans University on Statistics for Random Processes. He was a postdoctoral fellow (2002–03) at the Humboldt University of Berlin, an assistant professor (2003–08) at Paris 6 University and a research professor at ENPC (2008–2011). Arnak’s research focuses on high dimensional statistics, statistics of diffusion processes and statistical learning theory. Presently, he is an associate editor of the Annals of Statistics, Bernoulli, Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes and Journal of the Japan Statistical Society. Arnak is also regularly serving in the programme committees (either as area chair or as reviewer) of machine learning conferences COLT, ALT, ICML and NeurIPS. He was a member of the Bernoulli Society council (2017-2021). Since 2014, Arnak Dalalyan is also the head of the ENSAE graduate programme on Statistics and Machine Learning.




Heures de cours : 0

Crédits ECTS : 2


Statistique 1

Heures de cours : 19.5

Crédits ECTS : 4


Statistique mathématique - CI/SFA

Heures de cours : 18

Crédits ECTS : 1.5