Team / governance

School direction

  • Director: Pierre BISCOURP
  • Executive assistant: Florence BARBIER

Direction of Graduate Studies

  • Director of Graduate Studies: Laurent DAVEZIES
  • Director of Master Studies, Deputy director of Graduate Studies: Rosalinda SOLOTAREFF
  • Teaching assistants: Wissal SABBAGH (finance and actuarial science) ; Rémi AVIGNON (microeconomics) ; Jules DEPERSIN (mathematics and statistics) ; Fabien PEREZ (econometrics) ; Arthur THOMAS (computer science) ; Jérôme TRINH (macroeconomics)
  • Professors: Caroline HILLAIRET (Actuarial science) ; Philippe CHONÉ (Data Science and Business Decision) ; Arnak DALALYAN (Data Science, Statistics and Learning) ; Ivaylo PETEV et Anna SIMONI (Data Science and social sciences) ; Jean-David FERMANIAN et Christian FRANQ (Finance and risk management) ; Olivier LOISEL (Forecasting and economic policies)
  • Payments : Eléonore SANTOS-HUCHERY

Foreign Languages and Communicational Skills department

  • Head of the unit: Audrey MALLET
  • Assistant: Bertille JARRY and Oumi DJOUMOI

Timetable and room reservation

  • Anne GRILLOT and Nicoletta BOURGEOIS

Examination and admission management

  • Karine PAIN
  • Florence BARBIER

Transcripts, certifications

  • Florence BARBIER

Direction for International Relations

  • Head of the unit: Tania CASTRO
  • Assistants: Bertille JARRY, Oumi DJOUMOI, Nicolas APOTEKER


  • Head of Research: Francis KRAMARZ

Student Affairs

  • Head of the unit: Sylvie DE CLINCHAMPS
  • Assistants: Michèle ARGER and Marie-Christine BAKER

Corporate Relations and Career department

  • Head of the unit: Elisabeth ANDREOLETTI-CHENG (entrepreneurship support)
  • Assistants: Luciana BARBERA and Françoise MOREELS

Communications department

  • Head of the unit: Johann RAFANOHARANA


  • Head of the unit: Sidonie RICHON

Disability Support



ENSAE School board

Appointed members: Maya ATIG (Crédit Agricole), Mohamed BACCOUCHE (AXA), Philippe CHONÉ (ENSAE-CREST), Mme Isabelle HEBERT (MGEN), Arnaud LAROCHE (EY) – président, François MEUNIER (ALSIS CONSEIL), Antoine MOREAU (SLPV Analytics), Franck PACARD (École polytechnique), Philippe TASSI (Médiamétrie), Alexandre TSYBAKOV (ENSAE-CREST),

Full members: a representative of the Secretary-General of INSEE, Director of ENSAE Paris, Director of ENSAI, 3 staff representatives, a representative of ENSAE Alumni

The Academics and Research Council

This council brings together Student Representatives, Teachers-researchers, the heads of Research, Graduate Studies, Foreign Languages and International Relations, Internships and corporate relations and the ENSAE school Director.

Boards studies

The boards, each quarter, bring together the heads of graduate studies (Director of graduate studies, Deputy director of graduate studies, Teaching assistants) and student representatives.