Tax inheritance : Bertrand Garbinti in Polytechnique Insights

Bertrand Garbinti teaches public economics at ENSAE Paris and is a researcher at CREST. His latest contribution to Polytechnique Insights is about “Tax inheritance more to reduce income tax?”

Last May, the OECD published a report in favour of increasing the use of inheritance taxes to “strengthen equality of opportunity and reduce wealth inequality”. To ensure greater social justice, the report proposed that inheritance should no longer be taxed at the level of the giver. Bertrand Garbinti wanted to look at this tax a little closer to understand its complexity.

Find out few quotes above and click here to read his research publication available on Polytechnique Insights:

  • “Inheritance taxation is very unpopular. While it affects few people, it suffers from its great complexity.”
  • “Simplification and a more progressive approach could make inheritance tax more effective and fairer.”
  • “A reform of inheritance tax, which would essentially affect the highest wealth, could be used to alleviate the taxation of labour, which concerns companies and employees.”

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