As in all the Grandes écoles in France, ENSAE students are required to undertake several internships during their years of study (28 weeks overall minimum). In the Ingénieur ENSAE program, each year finishes with a compulsory internship:.

First year internship

The first year internship allows students to open their horizons and discover the realities of work in a private company, an administration or a humanitarian organization.

Duration: minimum 4 weeks, between mid-June and mid-September.

Second year internship

The second year internship better allows students to apply the key scientific skills they have acquired at ENSAE Paris within a company or a research lab, and to hone their professional career plan.

Duration: minimum 10 weeks, between the beginning of June and the end of September.

An optional year-long internship can be taken between the second and third years (two 6-month internships or 1 semester of internship and 1 semester of international exchange) ; it allows students to discover different professional contexts and/or application domains before choosing their third year specialization track.

Third year internship

The internship terminating the third year can be organized part-time during the year under a short-term contract (CDD) or an ongoing contract (CDI). This often represents for our students’ their first professional opportunity.

Duration: minimum 14 weeks, between mid-May and the end of September, or 6 months for students in the Actuarial Science specialization track wishing to present their application to the Institute of Actuaries